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Use B2B Marketing Tactics to Create a Budget-Friendly Marketing Strategy

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Small business owners don’t always have massive marketing budgets, but that doesn’t make marketing any less important. You need to perfect your marketing strategy to bring in new business and build solid relationships with existing customers. Fortunately, B2B marketing tactics don’t need to be expensive to be effective. Check out these budget-friendly marketing options when you’re ready to level up your business.

Narrow Your Niche

The internet is full of business-to-business companies that provide pretty much any business service a company could need, so when you own a small business, it’s more budget-friendly to narrow your niche and focus on account-based marketing techniques. When you do this, you limit your number of potential customers slightly, but it’s easier to hone in on what people in your target market really want and need, which makes it easier to build your brand so that other businesses see you as an expert in your industry. For example, if you own an online copywriting business, marketing general copywriting services to all businesses gives you more options, but by narrowing your niche to provide premium copywriting services to holistic companies, it’s easy to create marketing content and packages that appeal specifically to those types of businesses, which helps you build credibility and land clients.

Create High-Quality Content

Creating high-quality written and video content helps you establish your business as an authority source within its industry; this is extremely important with B2B marketing because the sales cycle is generally longer than it is with B2C marketing. But you can’t create content solely for search engine optimization purposes. For content creation to be effective, it needs to be polished, helpful, and intriguing. For instance, if you own an online marketing agency that caters to life coaches, you might create blog posts or videos with Facebook advertising tips that coaches can use to generate new business.

When creating written and video content, keep in mind:

  • Each piece of content should serve a purpose such as directing visitors to a sales page or an opt-in form for your email list
  • All of the content you create should incorporate one of the four Es: entertaining, emotional, educational, or exciting
  • Your content needs proper search engine optimization so search engines index it properly
  • You should share the content you create across all of your social media platforms to increase visibility

Repurpose Older Content

Repurposing older content is a budget-friendly marketing tactic that’s ideal for generating new business. If you have a large library of blog posts and videos you’ve created over the years, you probably have a lot of helpful content that people just coming across your business online haven’t seen yet. To repurpose old content:

  • Include links to related blog posts at the end of each post on your site
  • Use older blog posts or videos to create a massive series on one topic
  • Schedule social media posts that share links to older content
  • Have old videos transcribed to use as blog posts
  • Turn a series of blog posts into a downloadable PDF to entice website visitors to join your email list

Apply for Business Awards

When your business wins awards, it builds your company’s credibility within its industry and increases authority for your website and brand. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t realize they have to apply for industry awards to be considered. When applying for awards, you should choose awards that your company qualifies for and you have a good chance of winning; otherwise, the application process might be a huge waste of time. To find awards to apply for:

  • Browse industry-related publications and websites
  • Research national business awards
  • Look at your competitor’s websites to see which awards they’ve won
  • Research local business awards in your area

Network in Person

Many small business owners rely on the internet for their marketing purposes, but networking in person is often much more effective because it lets you instantly build a relationship with people. In-person networking doesn’t require you to shell out hundreds of dollars for tickets to popular industry events. Instead, focus on smaller events, seminars, and lunch-and-learns held nearby. Chances are, you’ll meet several local business owners who could use your services immediately.

Ask for Referrals

When you operate a B2B business, referrals matter. People love to refer colleagues to people and companies they’ve worked with in the past, so it’s extremely important to focus on customer satisfaction. After you’ve worked with a client for a while, so they have a good grasp of the amazing results and services your company provides, send a brief email asking for referrals. Your email shouldn’t be pushy. Simply let them know you have a bit more availability and would appreciate any referrals they could provide. Your small business marketing strategy might even include a referral program for your clients that lets them earn free services for each paying customer they send your way.

You don’t need a massive marketing budget to land clients for your small business. A few good B2B marketing tactics, a little creativity, and a lot of consistency make landing clients much more simple.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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