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Choosing the Right Type of Amazon Advertising for Your Small Business

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If you sell goods on Amazon, you are competing with people across the world for the same customers. Even if you never meet your competition in person, you’re both going after the same customers because your products are in the same marketplace. To get an edge, get to know what Amazon offers for advertising.

For starters, you can make an Amazon Page. Your Amazon Page is a customized landing site that promotes your brand and gives you larger exposure. In addition, you can build an Amazon Store. This is essentially a product catalogue separate from anyone else’s product. If your customer goes to your Amazon Store, they only look at your products, even if they go to different web pages. An Amazon store is free to Amazon vendors.

Product Display Ads are displays that are shown to your customers. The ad is automatically generated by Amazon Marketing Services, but you get to add a custom headline and logo before the advertisement is finalized. You have to pay-per-click with these products, and a typical bid is at lease two cents each time an ad is clicked.

If you want something more keyword-based, Headline Search Ads may be the way to go. These targeted ads are displayed when people type phrases you pair with your advertisement. When a shopper searches for something that matches your criteria, your advertisement shows up and displays three products. This type of marketing is also cost-per-click and typically costs at least 10 cents per click.

Last, Sponsored Product Ads through Amazon’s marketplace are pretty similar to Headline Search Ads except they only show an individual product. After a shopper searches for something that matches your criteria, your advertisement appears among the search results as a sponsored product. If the customer clicks your ad, they are directed to your product’s detail page. All of these forms of marketing and advertising give you the chance to get ahead of your competitors. Start by researching each type so you know the right type of Amazon advertising for your business needs.

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