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Concise Marketing Materials Attract New Clients for Personal Trainers

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As a personal trainer, your approach to marketing plays a major role in getting new clients. After all, most people already know what a personal trainer does, so you need to hone in on your niche to get potential clients interested. Keep your brochures, business cards, posters, and other marketing materials focused and concise to improve your chances of getting hired.

Your marketing materials should make it clear who you are and what you bring to the table. For example, if you specialize in weight loss, you could include a before and after image of one of your clients (with permission of course). Your goal is to catch the eye of your target demographic.

In addition to relevant images, you should also include a picture of yourself whenever possible. A relationship with a personal trainer is, well, personal. People want to see the person they’re going to be working with before they commit.

Include an eye-catching headline that states your specialty. For instance, a personal trainer who specializes in body building could have a headline that says, "Increase Gains and Shape Your Body." Tell your potential clients directly what type of results they can expect you to help them achieve.

When it comes to marketing materials, sometimes less is more. The average person isn’t going to want to read a long, drawn-out paragraph about what you do and how you do it. Instead, tease possible customers and generate interest by giving a brief overview of your services and typical results. Wrap it up by providing a website and/or contact information so they can learn more.

Your marketing materials are for sparking interest in your personal training business. The time to sell yourself and elaborate on the information presented in your marketing materials is when they get in touch. Once you get that call or email, you know the person is interested. Be friendly and professional, and you should be able to seal the deal from there.

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