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Create Shareable Content to Increase Your Business’s Reach

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Encourage your readers, listeners and viewers to share your business’s content on all types of social media. An active social media following acts as a form of free advertising, and when done correctly, it encourages people to feel attached to your business and engage with it more often.

Sharing is so important because people like to share; it feels good. Sharing content acts as a medium of self-expression, almost like a quick validation of someone’s sense of self. Moreover, sharing with others can generate feelings of togetherness and bonding. The more your content can help people connect with each other in a way that feels good, the more likely they are to share it, like it and engage with your business down the road.

Use Social Media Buttons

Whenever you want a customer, reader or client to do something that benefits your business, make sure to make that action as easy as possible. If you want your readers to share content, then it should be obvious about how to share and simple to execute.

Using social media icons, also known as social sharing buttons, is a great way to encourage sharing. These are the little icons within or next to an article or video with the logos for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. When users click on social media buttons, they are rerouted to the social media account from which they can quickly post the article or video.

Keep It Mobile-Friendly

Making your content mobile-friendly is a must for today’s generation of content creators. Each day, billions of global smartphone users search through hundreds of millions of pages of content on their mobile devices. Search engines such as Google reward content that is mobile-friendly and punish desktop-only content.

Make It Useful, Entertaining and Satisfying

In a 2011 research article by the Journal of Marketing Research, authors Jonah Berger and Katherine L. MIlkman found that online users are much more likely to share content that can quickly trigger “positive high arousal emotions,” such as awe, astonishment, delight, curiosity and love.

Some negative emotions may also be considered “high arousal.” Anger, frustration and fear can trigger a shareable impulse among readers. Low-arousal emotions, such as sadness or boredom, are not likely to generate shares from most people.

Understanding this helps explain why pictures of cats and puppies are much more likely to get shares than policy papers about the economy, even if the latter can be considered more useful. Very few of your readers will get a quick fix off of a technical article with no emotional energy behind it.

Leverage Multiple Forms of Media

Most people are more attracted to visual contents than written language. This is why videos, pictures and content set apart (bold, italics, different fonts and so on) are so pervasive online. Leverage different media to make content more compelling and shareable across all platforms.

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