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Creating Educational Videos for Your Clients and Customers

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Many businesses make quirky promotional videos and hope that they go viral. However, advertisements aren’t the only videos you should consider. You may also want to make educational or instructional videos, which can serve as effective marketing tools or a potential new revenue stream for your business.

Who Should Make Educational Videos?

Many business can benefit from making educational videos. If you sell anything from hair dye to pasta makers to car parts, you can make instructional videos to help people understand how to use your products. Similarly, you may want to consider making educational videos related to your niche. For example, restaurants could make videos about wine pairings, dentists may focus on flossing techniques, or interior designers can talk about colour schemes. Ultimately, you should focus on what your clients – or potential clients – want to know.

What Are the Benefits of Instructional Videos?

Free educational videos are part of your content strategy. They attract clients to your site, and the extra exposure should lead to more revenue. Additionally, instructional videos paint you as an expert in your field, which helps clients trust you and the services you provide.

How Do You Make Videos for Your Company?

To make your video as professional-looking as possible, use a tripod. You can get inexpensive tripods for webcams, smartphones, or professional-grade video cameras, and they are essential for a steady shot. Also, pay attention to the acoustics in your area. If you hear a lot of echo, you may want to put some rugs in the area or hang some foam mattress toppers on the wall. Budget permitting, you may even want to invest in sound foam or box lights. Once you have those basic elements in place, you simply need to make an outline and start shooting.

Where Should You Post Videos?

You can post videos on your website, but to get more exposure, you should also post your videos on YouTube. YouTube is one of the most searched sites on the web, and when people find your videos, they can easily follow the link back to your site.

Can You Earn Money From Instructional Videos?

If you like, you can earn money directly from instructional videos. For example, you can monetize videos on YouTube. In this case, Google sends you ad revenue based on the number of people who watch your videos. Alternatively, if you have premium content people can’t get anywhere else, you may want to charge for your videos. In this vein, some entrepreneurs offer a few free teaser videos; then, they let viewers purchase videos individually or as part of a monthly subscription.

How Can People Find Your Videos?

You should promote your videos through your newsletter, email blasts, newspaper ads, or social media feeds. However, you should also optimize the searchability of your videos. Make the titles descriptive phrases that potential clients are likely to search online. Posting a transcript with each video can also help with keyword searches and exposure. Making informational videos doesn’t require a lot of equipment, and as an expert in your field, you probably have lots of information to share. You just need to grab the camera and get started.

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