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Creating Your Logo For Free

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A company’s logo often stands as the first contact clients have with a business. As a new business owner or freelancer, however, you might not have the budget to hire a graphic designer to create a logo for you. If this is the case, here are some ways to get a memorable, eye-catching logo for free.

Pick Your Colours

A simple logo design starts with choosing the right colours. You don’t have to go to art school to learn about colour theory, but you may find it helpful to look at the logos of some of the oldest and most-respected companies in operation, as well as those of younger companies in your industry. When designing your logo, consider colours used by some of the world’s most-recognized brands, as well as other colours that fit your business or industry.

  • Red implies passion and energy; it is used by Coca-Cola and Red Bull.
  • Orange brings technology and innovation to mind; it is used by French telecom giant Orange S.A.
  • Green says a company is ethical and earth-centric; it is often used by financial institutions and energy companies.
  • Blue, the most popular logo colour, is used to convey trust, loyalty, cleanliness and peace; it is used by the United Nations and Barclays Bank.

Like Google, eBay, Microsoft, and the Olympics, you can choose several colours for your logo if your business sells a variety of products; multi-colour logos also convey an openness to diversity, according to Creative Bloq.

Choose a Logo Design Tool

You don’t need expensive graphic design software to make a low- or no-cost logo. Companies such as Squarespace, LogoGarden, GraphicSprings, and Vistaprint allow you to open a free account on their website and use their simple graphic arts tools to create a low-resolution logo for free. Most such companies charge a nominal fee for a high-resolution copy of the logo you can print on stationary, signs, logo wear, and business cards. Follow these steps to create a logo for your business in a free online logo tool:

  • Choose a shape or image that represents your business.
  • Type your business name in a cool-looking font.
  • Add your colours of choice.
  • Position the logo elements, the shape or image and text, so they are balanced.
  • Save and download the logo file.

When designing your logo, it is perfectly fine to look at other businesses’ logos for inspiration, as long as yours isn’t an exact copy.

Royalty-Free Images

If you have a more sophisticated logo design in mind, you might browse websites such as Pixabay, FreePixels, or Vector Stock. These websites have thousands of free high-resolution photographs and computer-generated graphics that you can combine with text to create an eye-catching logo for your business.

Almost-Free Logos

Even with a very limited budget, you can still find a graphic designer willing to create a logo on websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. Logo marketplaces such as 99designs and Graphic River can also connect you with graphic designers who create logos at various price points, depending on your budget.

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