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Easy Ways to Create Web-Friendly Marketing Slideshows and Videos

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The video boom is happening, and there’s no better time to start creating videos for your small business. Toss aside notions that video marketing is too expensive and time-consuming. You now have access to advanced slideshow and video production tools that streamline production, making it easy to create professional videos in minutes.

Take the Affordable Route

Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube attract millions of viewers every day, and in doing so, they’ve helped to change the way videos are made and shared online. These video-sharing platforms prove you don’t need expensive cameras or props to create an appealing video. Go for a polished, yet affordable, video-making process by using powerful online tools found at sites such as Animoto and GoAnimate. For a reasonable fee, you can produce a sharp slideshow or clip video about your products and services.

Tell Short and Simple Stories

Video certainly has the power to quickly capture the attention of customers and prospects, but keep in mind that videos should be short in length, getting a strong message across within a limited frame of time. One way to ensure people stick around to watch the entire video is to use storytelling. People love stories, and you can tell stories about your products, customers, employees, and unique business activities to wow viewers.

The Power of Emotions

You want to be wary of creating a boring video devoid of human emotions. While it’s technically easy to create a video, always remember to add an emotional element. You can brighten up someone’s day by adding humour to your video, and keep viewers glued to their screens with exciting visuals or heartwarming words that match seamlessly with images.

Use Your Own Images

You can greatly reduce your video production costs by using in-house photos of products and business environments. Take the photos yourself, or enlist a trusted employee with a good eye for photography. After you have a bunch of photos, select the best shots and upload them to an online video editor.

Enhance Videos With Music

Music makes the world go around, and when you add music to your videos, people are more likely to enjoy watching them. Most online video creation sites provide a library of royalty-free music from multiple genres. Licencing has already been paid, and you can use these tunes for any type of commercial production.

Customize Your Videos

In addition to images and music, you can often add custom touches such as premade theme layouts, split screens, image collages, and text font choice. You may decide you want narration in a video, and this is easily done by prerecording a voice to add during editing.

Turn Customers and Employees Into Stars

When it’s time to find talent for your videos, look no further than your customers and employees. While you don’t want to force anyone to be in a video, there’s always a few brave souls who want to be on camera. Put them in your videos, and watch them turn into authentic stars who genuinely love promoting your brand.

Maximize Profit Potential

You have three good options for making money from your videos. The first is subtly promoting your most popular products using humorous skits or reviews. The second is licencing your content, giving permission for others to use your content for a fee. The third involves partnering directly with video platforms such as YouTube, and generating advertising revenue. There are no longer any barriers to producing engaging, attention-getting slideshows and videos for your business. Online video creation platforms are simple to use and offer plans for all budgets. Consider customizing videos to enhance their appeal, and share them on various social-sharing platforms for maximum exposure.

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