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Publishing an Engaging Blog to Drive Clients to Your Interior Design Business

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An interior design business is a natural fit for a blog. Because interior design is a highly visual field, you can use beautiful photos to grab the attention of potential clients. Plus, the content opportunities are endless — you can turn each finished room, design tip, or great new piece of furniture into a blog post. Done well, an interior design blog can build an online following and bring in a steady stream of new customers.

Focus on Photos

Colorful photos are the foundation of any interior design blog. Potential customers don’t just want to read about your work — they want to see it in action. Gorgeous images draw readers in to a post, so they’re more likely to scroll to the end. They’re also easy to share on social media, which helps you promote your blog and access a bigger audience.

Capture a mixture of full-room and detail shots that communicate your unique style. Shoot in natural light when possible, and if necessary, invest in studio lights so that you can create more eye-catching photos. Building a large library of images provides you with archives to draw on for future blog posts.

Types of Interior Design Blog Posts

To be successful at business blogging, stick to a consistent publishing schedule. Fortunately, the interior design field is rich with ideas for blog posts.

  • Before and after: Wow customers and showcase your abilities with before-and-after photos of a room. Include a quick description of your methods.
  • Portfolio posts: Use a series of photos to show all angles of a finished project. These posts are great for demonstrating an overall concept and your attention to detail.
  • Design tips: Offer quick, actionable tips that readers can use to improve their own homes.
  • Tutorials: Provide step-by-step instructions on interior design topics such as painting a wall, choosing photo frames, or matching patterns.
  • Product highlights: Showcase an exciting or beautiful new design product. This provides value to readers by promoting reliable vendors or alerting customers to special sales.
  • Customer questions: Use a Q-and-A format to answer common questions from clients and readers.
  • Content curation: Gather articles or blog posts that might interest your readers, and share the links with short summaries.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog

When you’re working with a tight budget, the best way to bring in readers is social media: it’s free and easy to use, so you can save time and money. Plus, it’s image-based, which is perfect for interior design blogs. Each time you publish a blog post, share it across your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Snapchat accounts. Design a tall, attention-grabbing Pinterest graphic and share it to your business profile. As users like and share each post, it drives more traffic to your blog.

Converting Readers to Clients

Converting readers into clients requires a careful balance between content and promotion. You want to let customers know you’re available without making each post sound like a sales pitch. For interior designers, fantastic photos and great text do most of the work for you; they establish you as an expert with great taste. To take it a step further, include a call to action. This can be as simple as a "Schedule a free design consultation with XYZ Interiors." Alternatively, use a sidebar as an unobtrusive but always-present introduction to you and your business; see this strategy in action at the Amber Interiors blog.

As you start blogging, be patient and persistent — it takes time to build a following. By focusing on fantastic content and promoting each post, you can convince readers that you’re the right interior designer for any job.

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