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How to Add Value to Your Small Business Website With Evergreen Content

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As a small business owner, you know how vital your company’s website is. It connects you directly to potential customers and attracts new visitors who can become loyal customers. When your content marketing campaigns focus on evergreen content, which has timeless appeal, you can keep traffic flowing your way into the future.

Evergreen content is information that doesn’t become obsolete quickly, the way the latest news and trends do. News quickly becomes old news, and people stop searching for it. In contrast, evergreen content remains relevant, continuing to spark searches.

This type of content benefits your business because new customers keep looking for evergreen information. You get a better return for the time spent, because you can write lots of evergreen content once and get a lot of web traffic from it. If you write about trendy topics, you constantly need to create new content to remain relevant.

Valuable information on your website also helps establish your business as an expert in your field. When you offer useful information that answers visitors’ questions, they come back to you as a reliable source of information.

Your website’s blog or resources section are great places to incorporate evergreen content that answers questions or teaches visitors something. You might offer tips related to something you sell or produce tutorials related to your products. Infographics, videos, and photos enhance your content and make it sharable.

If you run a health-related business, evergreen content might include how to feed your family healthy foods, an exercise guide, healthy snack ideas, ways to reduce stress, or the importance of sleep. A clothing retailer might provide content on how to choose timeless wardrobe pieces and what basic wardrobe pieces everyone needs. These topics are things that people search for repeatedly, and they aren’t tied to a particular trend or event.

Expanding your small business website to include evergreen content increases your web traffic. Timeless content continues attracting traffic indefinitely, which can land you new customers and establish your company as a thought leader.

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