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Four Steps to a Solid Word-of-mouth Marketing Campaign

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It is often said that the best type of advertising is free. If treated right, customers will turn into clients, buying your products and using your services again and again. Trumpeting their own satisfaction, those customers will be eager to share their experiences with friends and family. Referrals are an ideal source of new prospects, but getting your customers to spread the word about your [excellent service] (http://www.keeping.com/customer-service/excellent-customer-service/) isn’t as easy as it sounds. In customer-facing situations, adopt some basic principles of your own and train employees to implement the same simple practices. You may find a huge boost in revenue without the added expense of a traditional advertising campaign.

Pay Attention

It’s not difficult to be attentive. Just think about the opposite effect. How many times have you been in a business where the receptionist or salesperson is more focused on a cellphone than your needs? Rude, distracted employees don’t make the best impression on someone looking to do business with you. This scenario is easily avoided. Implement a policy that restricts cellphone usage to breaks or lunchtime. Practice what you preach. Put your own mobile phone on silent and make certain your time with a customer is not interrupted. Potential buyers appreciate the undivided attention, and it sets the groundwork for a relationship from which solid testimonials may result.

Common Courtesy

Focusing on your customer is a simple practice and so is being polite. A boatload of please and thank yous go a long way toward putting customers at ease and making them feel respected. A courteous approach adopted by you and your staff is just the type of behaviour that retains customers and attracts prospects referred by those clients. You’ve heard the stories from friends and family. They were in a place of business where “everyone was so nice.” It’s a glowing review. The best part about being mannerly is the practice does not cost your business a dime.

Sell Some Sizzle

Technology is cool. Most people are dazzled by the fact that detailed product descriptions or [personal financial analyses] (https://www.slcbookkeeping.com/quickbooks-tips-blog/bid/116389/3-Ways-I-Use-QuickBooks-To-Manage-Personal-Finances) can be summoned with the push of a button. There are many affordable software applications that require minimal input and produce a maximum “wow” factor. No one wants to fumble through yards of paperwork or wait around while you do. A customer’s time is valuable. Utilize automated tools and processes to speed things along. The fact that you handled their requests quickly and thoroughly is yet another reason for clients to tout your business.

Follow Up

You’ve made the sale. What comes next? A good habit after the purchase involves simply asking for referrals. Most satisfied customers are happy to share the name of someone who may benefit from your service. But don’t let it stop there. After you close the deal, compose a handwritten note to express your appreciation. As time passes and the customer experience fades, you need to remind clients that your efforts are worth another name or two.

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