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Self-promotion Strategies for Freelancers

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When competing for freelance jobs in Canada – or anywhere in the world – freelancers, many of whom are introverts, often find it difficult to promote themselves and their work. However, the competitiveness of the freelance job market virtually requires a freelancer to self-promote, network and meet new potential clients to hone in on job leads. Freelancers can follow these strategies and tips to promote themselves and secure new job opportunities.

Start Strong

Introverted freelancers generally take the time to communicate and speak directly with current or potential clients only when the effort is worth doing so. Dealing with clients forces many freelancers to step outside of their comfort zone. Therefore, it is important to begin self-promotion on solid ground.

Work diligently to ensure that your method of operating and the clients you take are in alignment with your personal goals and values. This helps to relieve some of the anxiety you may feel promoting your services, since your clients will tend to be people that you’re more comfortable working with. Also, ensure that the brand you’re creating for yourself fits you as a person and resonates with your targeted client base.

Blog Regularly

Having a website can be a significant aid in attracting new clients, but many websites fall short by presenting limited information and failing to offer new material on a regular basis. Through blogging, you keep your website fresh by sharing information about yourself and your work. Make the entries true to you and relevant to the work you do.

New and potential clients often perform internet searches when looking for someone to fulfill a need. In such a situation, having a regularly updated blog that offers potential clients a fuller picture of yourself and your capabilities can be a major plus.

You don’t need to post new entries every day or even every week, but adding a new blog post at least once every 10 to 14 days is probably a good rule of thumb. Keep your entries professional (definitely avoid complaining about previous clients), personable and authentic.

Keep Things Simple

The competitive freelance market leads some freelancers to use complicated and sometimes pushy marketing schemes to sell themselves. It’s OK to keep things simple. You don’t need to be masterful at every aspect of your field you work, and potential customers usually find a simple and authentic approach to self-promotion a refreshing change. Pick two or three ways that you can promote your work – for example, writing a blog, putting out business cards or making phone calls to leads in your contact list. Carve out 20 to 30 minutes per day, and focus on these simple means of promotion. This allows you to conserve and focus your energy on promotional tactics that are relatively easy to accomplish without draining your creative energy. Consider adding new tactics later on and adding them to your self-promotion arsenal.

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