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Get Creative and Edgy With Guerrilla Marketing

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Conventional marketing methods take time to gain traction. If you need to make a big splash fast, consider employing guerrilla marketing. This unconventional marketing method has been known to put companies small and large on the map. Read on to learn how guerrilla marketing can generate a significant amount of buzz for your small business or startup.

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing describes low-cost, high-impact marketing specifically designed to turn heads. Guerrilla marketing is effective because it disrupts the landscape. For example, imagine strolling through a local mall parking lot on a relatively busy weekend afternoon. A flash mob of street performers rushes into the parking lot singing and dancing along with a popular song. The performers are wearing T-shirts promoting a product or brand. The infectious beat causes people in the parking lot to join in. Guerrilla marketing works because, when implemented effectively, it creates enduring memories for those who interact with the brand.

Other Guerrilla Marketing Methods

Disrupting the landscape is just one of several ways to use guerrilla marketing to get your target market’s attention. You can use art to promote your company or brand. From sidewalk chalk to water-based paint and mix media materials such as yarn and colored paper, you can create impromptu art installations in unusual places to grab attention. For example, say university students are your target market. You might consider superimposing your logo on benches in a park area where students hang out or drawing chalk images on a sidewalk next to campus when lots of students are outside, such as during lunch.

Celebrities often use publicity stunts to call attention to their work, and so can you. Effective publicity stunts get media attention, and that exposure alone boosts your brand’s visibility. Think of ways you might use a hot air balloon, a classic car, or body paint in unusual settings to get the media to notice your brand. If you decide to engage in a publicity stunt, ensure your stunt doesn’t endanger the public or attract the ire of law enforcement.

Online Guerrilla Marketing

Consider employing guerrilla marketing tactics online as well. Creating free LinkedIn or Facebook groups that attract thousands of members can be effective guerrilla marketing because the group provides a captive audience for you to market your brand. You can also create viral videos as a form of guerrilla marketing. While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what video content might go viral, candid videos featuring humorous content and videos offering highly practical information, such as how to peel a pineapple, for example, typically get the most views and shares.

Successful Guerrilla Marketing Examples

Automobile brand Kia used guerrilla marketing methods to promote its brand. Fliers attached to telephone poles with tear-off strips brought many customers into Kia showrooms to view models and prices. Hip hop artist Jay-Z promoted his album Magna Carta Holy Grail by staging a six-hour performance of a single track “Picasso Baby” in a New York art gallery. The album sold more than a half-million copies during its first week.

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