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Getting Your Small Business to Go Viral on Social Media

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One thing that can launch or propel your new small business into the stratosphere of exposure is posting content, written or video, that goes viral, spreading like wildfire across the internet universe. Content is considered to be viral if it garners 10,000 or more shares, comments or likes. While no one really knows what content will go viral until it actually does, there are nonetheless some things you can do to increase the likelihood of your posted online content going viral.

Get Emotional

Pluck at the heartstrings of your audience. One of the most successful, and still widely shared, advertisements of all time is Coca-Cola’s heartwarming “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” commercial. People like, share and comment on content that moves them emotionally. A lot of viral videos are of cute puppies or other animals. If you can tie some emotional video moment directly to your business – for example, showing a couple lovingly embracing after just finishing painting their house with your brand of paint – all the better. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t gain some massive exposure for your small business just by publishing something that’s generally cute or adorable.

Although videos go viral much more frequently than written content, sometimes just posting a really memorable, uplifting and inspiring quote can lead to a huge number of people either sharing it, liking it or becoming your followers on social media.

Say Something Different

In a diverse and often divisive society, there are constant debates about hot-button issues, usually with familiar arguments being put forward by both sides. One way to break through all the clamor and get your comments noticed and shared is to find something different to say, a well thought-out analysis or idea from a new perspective that draws applause from both sides of an issue. Amp up the probability of having your content spread across the internet if you can tie it to a worthwhile cause that people may consider supporting. For example, you might inject into a debate over gun control a story about a children’s hospital that specializes in treating and rehabilitating children who have suffered gunshot wounds. You can talk about the worthwhile work of the hospital without getting down into the mud of directly arguing for or against gun control.

Offer Your Products or Services Free to Nonprofits

One way to popularize your business is to do something to get other people to do the viral marketing for you. Consider donating products or services, or at least offering them at an extreme discount, to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits generally have large networks of donors, clients and volunteers, and they are happy to share the news when they receive help from an individual or company. You can benefit from a nonprofit giving your company rave reviews and gain increased exposure to individuals or other companies connected with the nonprofit that may have a need for your products or services.

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