What is Guerrilla Marketing?

By QuickBooks Canada Team

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Guerrilla marketing is the practice of using low-cost, high-impact activities to build brand awareness. Unlike conventional marketing methods that can be costly and take time, guerrilla marketing makes a huge splash fast, creating a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. When to Use Guerrilla MarketingSay you have a hot seasonal product or service you want to sell quickly, for example. Instead of placing traditional print, radio, and TV ads, which create brand awareness slowly, consider hiring actors or a dance troupe to stage a short performance in crowded public place that incorporates passing out fliers or samples as part of the show. Skywriting above a crowd can be effective as a guerrilla marketing tactic. Staging publicity stunts to get media attention is also a common guerrilla marketing tactic. Online Guerrilla MarketingYou can engage in guerrilla marketing online by creating viral videos, images, and other content. People love to laugh, so consider creating and sharing humorous content to build brand awareness inexpensively. Interest groups, as found on social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, also provide an effective space in which you can promote your brand for low cost or for free. It is important to play it safe when engaging in guerrilla marketing. Municipalities often require you to have a permit to stage a public event. Part of the high impact and fun of this marketing method, however, is not having permission to disrupt spaces.

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