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The Main Event: Hosting an Event to Build Your Small Business

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Building up your small business’s brand and credibility is vital to achieving success. Developing and hosting an event, such as a conference or seminar, offers an excellent way to build a boundless networking web and considerably enhance your business’s industry profile. Merely by hosting an event, you immediately create the perception of your business as a significant force, an influencer, in your industry.

What Event Hosting Is All About

Hosting an event, from a simple lecture to a multi-day conference, offers a wealth of benefits for your small business, starting with the chance to shine a spotlight on your business while presenting a specific image you want them your audience to retain. Hosting is an opportunity to communicate and solidify your company’s brand. Target customers who you want to view your business as an authority in your field and meet a large number of them, generate leads and ultimately increase revenues.

What Makes a Successful Event

Have a specific purpose and goal in mind. Whether you’re setting up an event to introduce a new product or service, to offer helpful information for your customers, or just to create an opportunity for personal meetings and strengthening customer relationships and customer loyalty, most of the practical details of your event will follow naturally from the event’s specific purpose. For example, an event informing customers about a new product launch will be more structured and will typically have less time for personal interaction than if the event’s main purpose is to obtain customer feedback.

Keep an eye on the details. Rehearse, and check the lighting and sound quality. If the lighting for your audiovisual presentation is so poor that your audience can barely see what’s on the screen, you will fail to communicate your message and appear unprofessional, damaging your company’s image. Taking the time to think about every aspect of event planning – from menu selections for meals to parking arrangements – translates to impressing attendees with your high level of preparation and thoughtfulness. An extra detail such as giving a small gift to each attendee goes a long way in how they will feel about your event and your company.

What to Avoid

Don’t skimp on using multiple avenues, including personal invitations, press releases and social media to promote your event. Make sure the event is well-attended; avoid ending up with a conference room with lots of empty seats. Consider doing a short, entertaining promotional video about your event.

Avoid being so focused on what you want from the event that you fail to consider what your attendees want. Successful events that generate a lot of positive word-of-mouth mentions about your small business are those that meet the needs and desires of your target customers. You want the attendees to leave your event with the clear knowledge that you have helped them improve their lives in some way.

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