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How to Market a Custom Remodeling Business

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Implementing a multifaceted marketing strategy is integral to the success of any business, but it’s especially critical for home remodeling companies. Ongoing profitability relies on consistently having the next client lined up, and finding new leads isn’t always easy. Instead of depending on luck and cold calls to keep your business afloat, try these simple and effective promotional techniques.

Grow Your Online Audience

All too often, home remodeling companies overlook the importance of a strong web presence. The majority of today’s homeowners are going to check online first, scouring your website, social media pages, and reviews before they even think about working with your organization. Your first step should be to hire a professional website designer to create an attractive, user-friendly website that clearly highlights what your company has to offer. Create accounts on all of the major social media outlets, and update them regularly with high-quality content, including photos and videos of your projects.

Hire a Photographer

Your cell phone camera isn’t going to do your company justice. Homeowners want to see examples of your work, and providing high-definition pictures is an absolute must these days. Have a reputable photographer document renovations from the first day until the the project’s completion. Selling your services is a lot easier when you can provide proof of your claims. For example, T-Roc is a Canadian home renovations company that populates its website with high-definition photos that show potential clients exactly what they can expect. If you prefer to keep your photography in-house, invest in a high-quality HD camera and learn to use it properly. The long-term results are worth the initial cost.

Contact the Media

It only takes one strong media story about your business to increase growth significantly. Contact local and regional magazines, newspapers, television stations, and bloggers with ideas for stories about your business and your work. For example, a home remodeling magazine may be interested in doing a photo shoot if you’re working at a luxury log cabin in the mountains. Keep your eyes peeled for unique opportunities, and try to find relevant media outlets to feature them. Another way to get your name out there is to contribute useful content to blogs, local Facebook groups, and relevant online message boards, and then drop your company’s name and website naturally. Giving tips on how to remodel a basement is going to reach people far more effectively than simply posting a link to your website.

Follow Up With Past Clients

Referrals are absolutely essential to the success of home remodeling businesses. A few weeks after completing a project, give your past clients a call or send them an email to make sure they’re happy with the results. If they respond positively, politely request that they keep your company in mind if they or someone they know ever needs home remodeling. You can also ask them to post a review online. If they’re not happy with the results of the project, take steps to rectify the problem. Happy former clients are powerful marketing allies. If you’re struggling to get referrals, you may want to consider offering incentives or hiring affiliates. With a strong online presence and some motivation, you can effectively market your business even on a meagre budget. Your main expenses are going to be videos and photography, and both are worthwhile investments that lead to long-term growth. You may not see immediate results, but dedicate even a little bit of time to marketing every day and you will see payoff. Plant those seeds now, and the fruits of your labour will sprout in time.

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