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How to Market Your Day Care

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Filling the empty spots on your day care’s enrollment list can be challenging. To reach your community more effectively, you may need to implement a strategic marketing plan. Fortunately, these days it’s entirely possible to promote your business on your own without breaking the budget.

Gain Referrals from Your Current Clients

The clients you already have can be your most powerful marketing allies. Word-of-mouth advertising goes a long way when it comes to child care, as parents are hesitant to trust someone unless they have a direct connection with them. Rather than paying your clients outright for referring friends and relatives, offer credits for your services. Not only is it a more tasteful approach, but you’re not directly spending money out of pocket, and you’re encouraging ongoing business.

Provide a Live Video Feed

It’s no secret that parents are protective of their children, and your primary focus should be offering peace of mind. Providing a live video stream of your day care is a surprisingly affordable feature, and parents are going to be thrilled to be able to check in throughout the day. While you can use a phone, tablet, or laptop to stream video, a dedicated high-definition camera with sound is going to provide the best results.

Build Your Online Presence

Parents aren’t going to be checking the Yellow Pages for day cares. They’re going to search the internet for information and reviews. You should have a professional website and accounts on the major social media networks. Reviews are extremely important in the child care industry, so try to get some of your loyal clients to review your day care online. You may not want to ask them directly, but leaving a sign on your front desk that politely requests reviews is a simple and effective approach.

Create a Video

Now that you have a website and social media presence, you need to populate them with content. In an ideal world, parents would be able to visit every day care that they consider. You can save them time by providing a high-quality video that showcases your facility, staff, daily activities, and other offerings. These days, video marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with your target demographic.

Be Transparent with Your Pricing

Parents are almost always willing to pay a little more if they believe their children are going to be happier and safer at your day care. List your rates clearly, and stand behind your pricing. Compare your offerings to your competition, and then set a rate that makes sense. If you’re not providing a premium service, don’t charge a premium price. As you market your prices, promote your day care as either a more affordable option or as a better option, depending on how your rates compare with other local day cares. Be realistic, and don’t try to oversell to potential clients. Let your facility and staff speak for themselves.

Be Active in Your Community

The best way to market your day care is to stay connected to your community. Volunteer at local events and join relevant online groups. If you give to your community, it will return the favor. As you can see, it’s entirely possible to promote your day care business effectively, even on a meager budget. Spend some money on a professional website, high-quality videos, and a decent webcam setup, and you should be able to handle the rest on your own. Your client base is the life blood of your business, so put some serious work into marketing this year. The long-term results are always worth the effort.

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