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How to Market Your Dog Walking Business Effectively

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The most successful dog walkers recognize how critical marketing is to the longevity of their companies. After all, most people are capable of walking their own dogs. The challenge is finding, maintaining, and growing your client base. Fortunately, it’s possible to market your dog walking business without breaking the bank.

Be Identifiable

In the dog walking business, thinking outside the box is the key to differentiating your business from the competition. Ideally, your name should be the first to come to mind when someone is seeking a dog walker, so you want to brainstorm ways to stand out in your area. For example, you could make branded neon orange bandanas for dogs that feature your company’s logo and contact information. Not only will people immediately recognize your four-legged clients, but the bandanas also serve as an additional identifier if a dog gets off the leash. Give your dog walkers matching shirts to wear to draw even more attention.

Implement Monitoring Technology

Dog owners want the best possible workout for their pups, and they also want reassurance that they’re getting the most mileage for their dollar. One of the best ways to guarantee a set amount of exercise is to use dog activity monitors to create performance reports. Much like the devices that humans use to track their workout performance, location, mileage, and other fitness goals, dog activity monitors provide valuable information that your clients are sure to appreciate. Some of your existing clients may not be willing to pay an extra fee for this service, so poll your customers before you invest in a large quantity of dog activity monitors. You can always buy more as they become more popular.

Connect With Your Community

Dog walking is as local as business gets. If you’re not using direct marketing in your community, you’re missing out on a huge amount of growth potential. One simple and effective option is to make an attractive flier or business card, and hand it out to anyone you see with a dog. Even if they don’t end up calling you, referrals are a major source of business for dog walkers, and they might have a friend who needs a dog walker. You can also often leave fliers and business cards in coffee shops, pet stores, and other local hangouts.

Use Social Media

Social media and dogs go hand-in-hand. All businesses should have accounts with the major social media outlets, at very least. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are free, and the reach potential is limitless. Most dog owners would be thrilled to have their pooch’s mug plastered online for the world to admire, but it’s still a good idea to check with your clients before taking and posting photos. Updating your social media accounts with a “dog of the day” photo is sure to attract new clients who would love to make their dogs famous too.

Be Friendly

In the world of dog walking, a warm smile goes a long way. Developing relationships with your clients is naturally going to lead to referrals and more opportunities. Dog owners want to be confident that their pets are happy with you, so make it a point to be cheerful and upbeat. Have a good time, and your clients will recognize your enthusiasm. Marketing a dog walking business is all about connecting with your community, so take a natural, relaxed approach. Treat your clients well, and you’ll receive the same.

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