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How to Market Your HVAC Business in Canada

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If you’re trying to drum up more business for your HVAC business, you can get your name out there with traditional radio or TV advertising. However, there are other potentially more cost-effective ideas you may want to explore as well.

Vehicle Advertisements

HVAC professionals spend a lot of time on the road. Whether you work on your own or with a team of employees, you should use your vehicles as mobile billboards. If you own a fleet of trucks for your business, consider hiring a company to add permanent logos to your vehicles. If your employees drive their own vehicles, look into customized magnets that you can take on and off as needed. Potential customers see these messages while they’re driving. To be effective, you should use short messages they can memorize easily. For example, try to choose a domain name such as SmallTownHVAC.ca and a phone number such as 555-HVAC.

Business Listings on Review Sites

Many consumers begin their search for a plumber online. You need a website so they can find you. You should also list your business on local review sites. For example, many consumers go to sites such as Angie’s List to check out reviews on HVAC professionals, plumbers, and electricians.

Social Media Pages

To further expand your online presence, you may also want to consider making social media pages for your company. If you like, you can try to build up a following, post interesting tidbits about HVAC and energy savings, and experiment with other types of social media marketing. Even if you don’t want to launch a full social media campaign, you should still a page for your business on the popular social media platforms. Many social media users ask their friends for recommendations on HVAC workers and similar types of professionals. If someone recommends your company and you have a business page, they can link to your page in the response. Then, the original poster simply needs to click on your page to find your contact information and other details. This makes it easier for people to recommend you, and it lets someone looking for recommendations get all your information with leaving the social media platform. If they have to close that app and look for your website in a browser, you may lose the referral.

Make How-To Videos

Another aspect of online marketing you may want to explore is video marketing. There are lots of fun marketing videos you can make, but you may also want to think about how-to videos. As an HVAC professional, you probably have all kinds of tips on how to clean HVAC filters, how to check the efficiency of a home, and how homeowners can handle other issues on their own. If you make how-to videos and post them on a site such as YouTube, anyone searching how to do those things may stumble onto your videos. When local viewers see your videos, it paints you as an expert in your field. When these same people need to find an HVAC professional, they may be more likely to call you. If you add your business website to your videos or descriptions, that creates backlinks to your site. That helps to boost your visibility on search engines when people search for HVAC professionals online. Marketing is essential if you want to find new clients, and the right approach to marketing can even make it easier for existing clients to recommend your HVAC business to their friends. Marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or time-consuming, especially if you play with these ideas.

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