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Improve Your Content Marketing With Infographics

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If you are looking to provide a quick and inexpensive boost to your small business content marketing plan, incorporate some graphic design elements. Think about using infographics and data visualisation to drive your digital outreach.

Infographics are designed to portray or expand on critical information with maximum efficiency. Rather than wasting too many words explaining a topic or suggesting how the reader ought to feel about something, infographics allow readers to intuit messages with very little effort. In fact, well-done infographics can subconsciously nudge people to share your marketing links.

Why Infographics Work

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, people do not read web pages word for word. Rather, people quickly scan for key words, sentences, pictures and evidence of authority. All of this occurs in a matter of seconds.

In terms of marketing content, that means you only have a few precious moments to grab the reader’s attention. This is the concept behind the infographic; it creates a captivating visual experience without sacrificing professional authority or missing out on material substance.

According to 3M Corporation and Zabisco, 90 percent of all information that human brains process is visual, and a very large minority (40 percent) of people respond more strongly to visual information than plain text.

Social media, which is a hotbed for link-sharing and search engine optimization, is very friendly to content-based infographic campaigns. Pictures and photos are much easier to share and digest on a feed than text or long videos. The easier you can make your content to consume and the faster you can elicit a reaction from the reader, the stronger your marketing will perform on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms.

Some Ways to Incorporate Infographics for Content Marketing

Infographics have to be part of a larger, more expansive marketing strategy. The infographic is not an end to itself; instead, each infographic should drive the reader to perform an action. That might be signing up for a newsletter, sharing something with their online community, buying a product or visiting a website.

One study suggested that the average individual encounters the equivalent of 174 newspapers’ worth of data every day. This is the challenge of the information age – cutting through the junk and reaching people in a meaningful way.

Use the infographic to grab attention, but make sure you can follow it up. Here are some common techniques:

  • Drive social media content and encourage sharing.
  • Create a bigger, more in-depth text companion piece to your article, white paper or other written content.
  • Use it as direct marketing newsletter content.
  • Break apart your infographic and offer sections in your paid advertising.
  • Offer it as exclusive content to newsletter subscribers or private Facebook group users.
  • Link back to your own infographics in blog posts and guest posts for instant backlinks (making it a better authority in Google searches).
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