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Use Interactive Marketing for a Competitive Advantage

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Your small business can use interactive marketing to engage and interact with customers. Interactive marketing creates a two-way dialogue with customers about your product or service to enhance your customer insight and strengthen customer loyalty. This type of marketing can increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and lower marketing costs for your small business.

Interactive marketing offers a competitive advantage over traditional marketing techniques. This type of marketing uses customer feedback and personal preferences to help your small business respond directly to your customers’ actions. This allows your business to learn from your customers in order to better identify and satisfy their needs or demands. Amazon uses interactive marketing to recommend books to users based on previous searches or purchases.

To set up interactive marketing for your small business, you must identify specific customer triggers that lead to a marketing event. A trigger is a customer action, and a marketing event is your small business’s response. Interactive marketing helps develop a direct form of communication to your customers’ actions, which leads to referrals or frequent business by satisfied customers.

Interactive marketing offers several benefits to your small business, but there are also some drawbacks. Many of your customers have different personal preferences, and some customers simply dislike companies tracking behaviours to create recommendations. For some customers, the intrusive nature of interactive marketing reduces customer trust and loyalty.

Your small business can use interactive marketing to build better relationships with customers with a direct reaction to their feedback. This type of marketing gives your business a useful competitive advantage and provides several benefits to help your small business increase sales and improve your marketing strategy.

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