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Is the Business Brochure Dead?

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As businesses continue to go paperless, the question arises as to whether it is useful to publish business brochures for potential and existing clients. For a small business, publishing a brochure can become expensive. However, there are some advantages to using a traditional, hard-copy brochure.

Moving Away From the Business Brochure

Desktop publishing allows small businesses to create their own business brochures without needing to outsource the project. Most desktop publishing software packages have business brochure templates. Even if your business does not have desktop publishing software, Microsoft Office includes free business brochure templates.

Printed brochures are expensive. Even if a small business prints its brochures on its own printers, additional expenses include paper, toner for printing, postage, envelopes, and the labor costs resulting from printing and mailing.

When a business needs a large number of brochures, it is more cost-effective to utilize a printing service. Extra costs can include glossy paper and reformatting by the printing company. Most of the information included in the brochure usually appears on the company’s website, making the document redundant.

Having the brochure available on the website as a downloadable file is the most practical solution. Online brochures are customizable for particular clients or customers, while printed brochures remain in a static format.

Why a Business Brochure Is Useful

A hard-copy brochure can remain on a client’s desk as a lasting reminder of your company’s availability. A brochure sitting on a desk can be discovered by an office visitor, who could become a new client after learning about your company through such a chance discovery.

A brochure is useful in situations where internet service is unavailable or during face-to-face meetings, when you can simply present it to a prospective client without having to provide instructions for accessing the brochure online. Some potential customers might prefer a hard copy because they enjoy the ease of retrieving something from a drawer, rather than having to search through countless online document files.

Someone who has your brochure might pass it along to an individual expressing a desire to conduct business with a firm like yours. The business brochure can be useful as handout for live presentations, allowing your audience to follow your explanation by perusing the brochure.

Alternatives to the Business Brochure

In some instances, it may be better to utilize pocket folders holding loose pages that relate to a particular client’s needs. While a brochure might cover a significant amount of information of no interest to a particular client, a folder containing only the relevant information could be more practical and effective.

In some situations, a folding business card could serve as a miniature brochure, containing photographs or illustrations along with other pertinent information.

Digital media offers alternatives to the business brochure. Animations or live-action videos can provide convincing proof of the advantages from using the products or services offered by your business. These presentations can be sent via email and included on your company’s website.

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