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Jumpstart Your Contracting Business by Creating “How To” Videos Customers Love

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Drumming up regular business as an independent contractor can prove challenging, especially if you don’t have a large advertising budget. Luckily, free traffic sources such as YouTube can help you land more clients and increase revenue, whether you just set up shop or wish to diversify marketing efforts for your seasoned contracting business.

Use How-To Videos to Position Yourself as an Industry Authority

If you want to stand out as an expert in your field and impress prospects, creating helpful how-to videos offers an excellent way to draw attention to your business. To start, you need to make a new YouTube channel and decide on the type of content you wish to share with your audience. For example, an electrician may opt to make a video on how to wire a three-way switch, while a plumber might demonstrate how to replace a plumbing shut-off valve. If you have advanced machinery or equipment that most of your competitors don’t, showing off this competitive advantage in a how-to video can help distinguish your business and provide potential customers with an incentive to hire you over the competition.

Make an Investment in Quality Video Production Materials

Now that you’re ready to record your first video, here’s what you need:

  • A video camera or smartphone
  • Lighting setup (optional)
  • Video editing software (optional)

The quality and professionalism of your videos make a significant impact on the opinions viewers form about your business. When you invest in production quality, either by acquiring your own production equipment and editing software or hiring a local production company, that attention to detail shows in your final result. A blurry, poorly lit, inaudible or badly edited video reflects poorly on the quality of work potential customers may perceive you to provide. If you have a tight budget, you can still get a quality camcorder for around $50 to $300. Lighting kits also remain relatively inexpensive at $75 or less, on average, but they can make a substantial difference in picture quality. Professional video editing software, such as Final Cut Pro or Lightworks, might seem pricey, but that investment often pays off big in terms of production values. If you’re new to video editing, many available YouTube tutorials show you how to use various programs. If you’re unsure of your abilities or don’t have the time, consider hiring a video production company to help you. As you walk the audience through each part of your tutorial, be informative and don’t assume your customers know industry jargon. If you need to explain specific steps using technical language, be sure to simplify any relevant terms and make it as easy as possible for viewers to follow along with your instructions.

Leverage the Power of Social Promotion

Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, it’s time to market your new offering. Start by sharing your instructional video across social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Although Tumblr has less popularity than in recent years, it still has thousands of different blogs dedicated to various niches with the potential for large volumes of re-blogs and shares if your have a high-quality video. Since the site focuses specifically on how-to content, Instructables also proves a great platform for getting your business noticed. Finally, get involved in online communities where your customers gather such as local Facebook groups or forums. Be aware, though: some group settings don’t appreciate self-promotion, so focus on forging relationships and getting to know the members in each group before attempting to promote your content. If you really want to make the most of your video, transcribe the audio and turn it into a blog post on your website. Transcription can help you achieve search engine optimization, which can result in your site rising in search results with very minimal additional effort. By integrating video into your existing marketing strategy and sharing it across the web, you have the potential to show prospects you’re a pro at what you do, grow your customer base and increase profits.

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