Low-Cost Marketing Your Small Business

By J.B. Maverick

2 min read

Marketing is a key component for growing your small business, but many marketing tactics are prohibitively expensive for small businesses. Your small business can make use of lean marketing techniques that are low-cost but can effectively generate substantial revenue increases.

Shooting a Video

Professionally choreographed and taped videos can eat up a large portion of your marketing budget. However, there is nothing wrong with shooting a video yourself. YouTube’s popularity and use has steadily been on the rise, and many new personalities and companies have been discovered and supported from their YouTube channels. There is no cost to start a channel or to post videos. Most videos on YouTube are recorded and published by everyday people. If no one at your company is familiar with recording and publishing videos, visit Wistia for instructional videos, including a tutorial on shooting your own marketing video with an iPhone or digital camera.

Doing a Customer Survey

To launch a successful marketing campaign, your business needs to know that wants, needs and opinions of the consumers in its target market. Large corporations can afford to hire a team of people to conduct market surveys and gather information. Your small business already has a consumer base to tap for information. Call or email current clients and customers and get permission for someone to contact them to get feedback about your company and their general opinions about goods and services in the market; you don’t want to be pushy, so asking permission is necessary. Once you have their permission, have someone not directly connected to your company – consider using a freelancer – interview the client by phone. You’re more likely to get honest feedback when you use a neutral party. You can then use the information that you have obtained to tailor your marketing efforts for maximum effect.

Starting a Blog

A company blog can be an excellent marketing tool. Make sure that the blog is hosted on a domain name that you own. If it’s not published on your company website, include the articles on your company site, too. Post regular updates and information about news regarding your business. Include information about your business’s new goods or services, any changes that been made to policies that affect your customers, and how your products or services can benefit customers. Also, make sure that someone in your company is consistently monitoring this blog, responding to comments on posts, and encouraging clients and prospective customers to explore your company’s website or call for more information about your company’s products and services.

Using Sponsorships

Sponsoring a local sports team or a club is a good way to get your company name and image out into the community, and it helps locals see your business as being invested in the community. Consider paying a small fee to get your company name and logo printed on uniforms or club shirts and paraphernalia.

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