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Making Marketing Videos That Work for You

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Marketing videos can help bring your business to life and draw your customers to your products and services. Incorporating video into your social media marketing strategy can increase engagement rates and exposure, given that videos go viral more often than text-based content.

If you’ve held off on video marketing for fear that it’s too expensive or time-consuming, these worries are unfounded. You can make quality marketing videos that don’t drain your bank account or your time. It’s smart to know how video marketing can help your business, how to produce quality videos on a budget, and what this means for your engagement rates on social media.

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing works because people watch videos on social media. According to Facebook, its users spend over 100 million hours every single day watching videos. It makes total sense — people have short attention spans and are often engaged with social media while on the go. They don’t have the time or inclination to read lengthy text posts, but if you can convey the same message via video, you can capture people’s attention much easier.

Video on a Budget

Producing quality marketing videos doesn’t have to be expensive. Smartphone technology and various computer software obviates the need for a posh studio or expensive actors to film your videos.

Strategies for making inexpensive videos include casting employees or customers rather than professionals, and using animation software to create catchy videos in minutes.

Cast Employees and Customers

Scroll through your Facebook feed and watch a few viral videos that your friends have posted recently. Chances are, these videos don’t feature professional actors, nor were they filmed in high-end studios. A likelier scenario is they were produced on smartphones by amateurs and went viral because they met one or more of three criteria — funny, amazing, or heartwarming.

If your videos can make people laugh, amaze them, or lift their spirits, it doesn’t need to be professionally made. Therefore, you can save money by featuring employees rather than hiring actors. Even better, find a few happy customers willing to go on camera and provide testimonials.

Consider Animation

Animation lets you produce marketing videos in hours — or even minutes — and do so inexpensively. Various software and animation websites offer do-it-yourself tools that walk you through the learning curve so your videos turn out crisp and polished without weeks or months of preparation. Some animation tools even offer monthly subscriptions, where you can create unlimited content for a monthly fee.

Increase Your Engagement

Social media engagement comes in four categories. Acknowledgement is when someone lets you know they noticed your content by clicking the like or favorite button. Association is when they interact with your content, which could mean leaving a comment or following your page. Amplification is the act of someone spreading your content, for example, by sharing or retweeting it. Lastly, action is when a person clicks through to your website from your marketing post or video.

By drawing more eyeballs to your social media pages and capturing people’s attention, video marketing can increase your engagement rates across all four categories.

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