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Think Micro When It Comes to Planning an Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Are you discouraged because you can’t afford the most popular online personalities to endorse your product? While the idea of a top celebrity behind your brand sounds appealing, it actually may be more effective to hire a minor celebrity. Micro influencers are people with over a thousand and less than a million followers on social media sites. You can also consider many podcasters or other online entertainers with relatively small audiences as micro influencers. When you get these people involved in your advertising campaigns, the results can be surprising.

According to some research, the smaller the social media audience, the higher the engagement levels. In particular, Instagram followers with less than 1,000 followers get 8 percent of their followers to like their posts, while Instagrammers with 1,000 to 10,000 followers only get half that portion of likes.

Beyond the heightened engagement levels, micro influencers often tend to reach a more niche audience, which also can help with your marketing efforts. If you sell cat toys, you may want to start with an Instagrammer or a YouTube vlogger who focuses on cat-related photos and content. If you own a website that sells cloth diapers, a granola-focused mommy blogger with a small but active audience may be the best micro influencer for you. Regardless of your niche, there’s likely to be someone online who is influential in that arena, and this applies to everything from taxidermy supplies to collectible tea cups and all stops between.

Once you find a few prospects, you will likely discover that micro influencers are easier to reach and more affordable to use than big-name social media stars. Often, you can reach out to micro influencers directly, and they may even be able to tell you how their influence helped other businesses improve their sales.

Endorsements have long been an effective way to boost sales and visibility for products and services, and the digital world certainly is not changing that trend. If you want to reach an active online audience, you may want to start looking for social media users and online entertainers who already have that audience in their pockets. Their influence may be the ingredient your influencer marketing campaign needs to be successful. Remember, if you want to make an impact, you don’t necessarily need a big campaign. You just need the right influencers.

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