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Mobile Marketing for Your Small Business

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Mobile devices offer tremendous promotional potential to small businesses, yet they’re often overlooked when planning a marketing campaign. According to a survey performed by Catalyst Canada in 2016, 78% of Canadians own a smartphone, compared to 68% in 2015. Those numbers are only going to keep rising, so it makes sense to take advantage of such an enormous and relatively untapped market. An effective mobile marketing campaign requires tact and careful planning. Test the waters with these simple mobile marketing techniques, and then expand on them as you gain experience.

Build a Responsive Website

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2015, 100% of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 use the internet. Marketing your business online is absolutely vital these days, and your web presence should be carefully curated to represent your company in a positive, authoritative way. Most small businesses recognize the importance of having an attractive website for laptop and desktop users, but they often forget about the huge amount of people who do the majority of their internet browsing on smartphones. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional web designer to either build a mobile-friendly website or make your current one more responsive across all platforms. Creating an enjoyable experience for mobile users is the first and most important step.

Create an App

Most small businesses don’t even consider mobile apps, but they can be surprisingly useful for keeping your customers or clients engaged. Mobile applications offer endless possibilities, including the ability for users to call or email your company, set appointments, order products or services, pay invoices, and sign up for loyalty programs. Think of your app like an extension of your website that’s more hands-on and streamlined.

Send Text Messages

Texting is a strategy that can be quite effective when implemented properly, but it can do more harm than good if you’re not careful. Never text someone unless they specifically signed up for your text list. There’s no denying the power of email marketing, and text marketing takes that concept a step further. You don’t have to worry about your text ending up in the spam folder, and it’s virtually guaranteed that your text will be viewed. Obtaining phone numbers can be challenging, so you may want to offer an incentive for signups. For example, you could provide a coupon code in exchange for providing an email address and phone number. Be extremely tasteful with your texting, and try to reserve them only for very special occasions such as major sales, big news, and important updates.

Engage Your Social Media Followers

Your social media presence is your chance to create and sell your brand. Every post contributes to an ongoing story that directly affects how your organization is perceived, so it’s up to you to paint a pleasing picture. Hire a professional photographer to take stunning high-definition images, or invest in a high-quality DLSR camera and spend some time learning how to use it. Try to keep your photos diverse and captivating, and don’t forget videos. For instance, if you look at Roots Canada’s Instagram, you can see the company’s apparel, but you’re also treated to gorgeous landscapes, interesting people, and the occasional video. Today’s consumers want authenticity, and it’s up to you to provide content that represents your vision accurately. Mobile marketing is surprisingly easy when you integrate it into your current marketing strategies. For example, if you already have a signup form for your email list on your website, add a spot for the customer’s phone number, too. When you’re sending out marketing emails, send out a succinct version in text. Once you’ve built an app, you essentially set it and forget it, and the initial cost to pay a developer is surprisingly affordable considering the results. Recognize the enormous potential of mobile marketing, and keep it in mind when you’re planning your promotional campaigns. In time, mobile marketing will become second nature.

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