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Planning a Launch Event for Your Newest Product or Service

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When you launch a new product, you’ve achieved a major milestone, one that deserves a special event. Hosting a launch event does more than just mark the date and give you a platform to make an announcement — it’s also a great way to boost exposure for your new offering and get your customers excited. Launch events are great ways to provide perks to your most loyal customers and build their engagement, and they also give you a chance to introduce your products to your target market of new potential customers. Finally, launch events show the world that you’re serious about your new product or service and that you’re proud to show it off.

Choose the Right Location

Where you hold your product launch is one of the most important factors to consider. A lot of number-based factors go into your choice of location for your launch, including the size of your customer base, your social media followers, and your sales figures. Crunch those figures to come up with a estimate of expected guests. Make sure your venue can fit that many people with room to spare — but not too much room. While your first instinct may be to book the largest local venue available, you want guests to feel like they’re at a popular yet exclusive gathering, and you don’t want your PR photos of the event to show a partially empty room. Choose a venue that meets all safety regulations and has the infrastructure you need such as bathrooms, stages, parking lots, and so on.

Timing Is Everything

Try to choose a time when people are more likely to feel like going out. Take weather conditions into consideration, as snow can make it difficult for people to travel to your event. Avoid popular vacation times and dates that are close to significant holidays. Your goal is to make your event the one attraction that stands out that month so people don’t feel like their plans are overbooked. If you’re hoping to reach a worldwide audience through an internet event, do some research to make sure you’re not accidentally booking the event during other cultural events taking place, especially in areas where the target market for your product launch lives.

Promote the Event

Give your potential guests plenty of advance notice — at least one full month. Promote your event on your social media pages regularly, and consider taking out sponsored ads to reach a larger audience. A great way to generate interest is to send out hand-signed invitations in the mail. You may also want to host contests, give out coupons, plan raffles, and do other promotions leading up to the event to expand your audience and build anticipation for both the event and your new product.

Present the Product in Style

When it’s time to unveil your product or service, go all out. After all, that’s what this whole thing is about. Bright lights, live music, high-quality videos, and even fireworks all make the revealing of a new product memorable. A great product launch inspires your guests to talk about the event (and your product or service) after all is said and done. You may also want to give away your new product or service for free, or at least at a discount, to reward the people who showed up. Treat your customers well, and you can expect the same in return. These types of events only happen once in a while, so make every moment count.

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