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PrettyBird and StylU Apps Offer Mobile Barbers and Hair and Makeup Artists New Client Access

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If you’re a hairstylist or makeup artist who’s been looking for fun, new ways to attract clients, consider using the PrettyBird and StylU apps. Think of these apps as Uber for stylists. They let customers book a hair or makeup appointment through their app. Once the customer submits a request, a hairstylist or makeup artist picks it up and meets the customer at their home — or whatever location they chose — to complete the service. Using these apps helps you meet new people who need your services, but before you get started you should know the differences between the two apps and how they benefit you.

How PrettyBird Works

PrettyBird lets customers book on-demand beauty calls or schedule advance hairstyling or makeup appointments via their app. For on-demand beauty calls, PrettyBird sends a notification to all of its beauty pros within a 10 kilometer radius. Any certified, registered beauty pro in the area can pick up the appointment, but the company strives to have a professional hair stylist and/or makeup artist at their customer’s door within an hour.

The company provides these services:

  • Blow outs — including those with braids and with curls
  • Curled hairdos
  • Braided hairdos
  • Half updos
  • Updos
  • Makeup application — daytime, evening, and camera

Additionally, PrettyBird provides wedding day services for the bride, bridemaids, and the bride and groom’s families. Wedding day extras, such as false lashes, mink lashes, and air brush makeup, are also available.

Becoming a PrettyBird Artist

You can apply to become a PrettyBird artist directly within the Prettybird Artist app. The company accepts applications from certified beauty professionals anywhere in Canada with at least 2 years of experience.

They group beauty artists by years of experience. So if you have between 2 and 4 years of experience you would start as a Junior Beauty Artist, and someone with between 5 and 9 years of experience starts out as a Senior Beauty Artist. The company classifies people with over 10 years of experience or celebrity clientele as Platinum Beauty Artists and anyone who uses only products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic as Pure Beauty Artists.

All potential artists go through an interview and background check process. So you should be prepared to provide the company with a copy of your ID and your beauty certificate. Additionally, the company requires a voided cheque to set up direct deposit, which is how you’re paid for your services once you get started.

How StylU Works

StylU is also a beauty-on-demand service. It’s only available to those in the Toronto area, but it offers a longer list of services than PrettyBird. StylU’s service options include:

  • Blow outs
  • Men’s cuts
  • Women’s cuts
  • Updos
  • Makeup application
  • Airbrush makeup application
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Special effects makeup

Additionally, StylU offers professional hair and makeup services for the whole wedding party on the wedding day, before bridal showers, and before bachelorette parties. Couples can also request hair and makeup services before they take engagement photos.

How to Become a StylU Artist

If you want to become a StylU artist, you need to fill out the application on their website. It requires basic information about you and your experience. And it gives you the option to upload photos of your work. If you’re qualified, you need to complete an in-person interview with StylU’s management team. This gives them the opportunity to assess your qualifications and ensure your work meets their standards.

To be a StylU artist, you have to have an Ontario Certificate of Qualification and meet all of Ontario’s license and certification requirements. Additionally, all applicants have to verify their identity and pass a background check before they can accept jobs.

Benefits of Becoming PrettyBird and/or StylU Artists

Both the PrettyBird and StylU platforms help connect you to new customers. But growing your clientele list isn’t the only benefit you get from working through these apps.

One of the biggest benefits of working through these apps is the freedom they give you. Once you’re an approved artist, you can pick up jobs whenever you want. This means you can be in the middle of running errands, see a job you want, pick it up, and go to work. You don’t need to waste time standing in the salon waiting and hoping for a walk-in customer to show up. Because you work on your own schedule, you can also use these services as a part-time gig in addition to your full-time salon job. It’s completely up to you.

The apps also make processing and receiving payments simple. Sure, you could schedule home appointments for your clients and have them pay you through Paypal or another payment processing site. But when you work through PrettyBird and StylU. you don’t have to worry about making appointments and asking for payments. Everything is taken care of for you. The customer pays for the service through the app, which even gives them an option to add a tip, and your money deposits directly into your account.

StylU and PrettyBird are only one way makeup artists and hairstylists are using cloud computing and apps to run their businesses. From marketing and branding to salon management and scheduling, technology can help you streamline your entire work process so you can focus on providing high-quality services to your clients.

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