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Five Reasons Your Online Business Needs Print Marketing

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While many online businesses rely on digital marketing methods, the days of print marketing are far from over. Some businesses might not be using print marketing materials anymore, but cool, eye-catching flyers, brochures and business cards can actually make your small business stand out from the crowd. Print marketing is worth considering because it offers a great way to keep your marketing message fresh, especially for consumers who don’t spend a lot of time online.

Printed Promotional Materials Are Memorable

The internet is so saturated with ads that even the best ad campaigns fall flat just because the noise drowns them out. Printed marketing materials engage people in a more direct way. While online promotions can only draw in people with their eyeballs, physical items give them a tactile interaction as well. They can hold the item in their hands and even smell the paper or cardboard, solidifying the advertisement in their memories in a way that’s impossible digitally.

Physical Ads Are Straightforward

Sometimes, simpler is better. Although animated ads and videos are stimulating, there’s something pure and honest about printed materials. They force you to think hard about the design and prevent you from relying on gimmicks. If you create an attractive poster or flyer, people want to hold it, hang it up, and show it to others. Even in today’s flashy digital landscape, many people favor simpler, more direct digital ads to ones that are overbearing on the eyes.

Offline Marketing Adds Legitimacy to Your Business

These days, anyone can start an online business, even people who aren’t very qualified. Modern consumers realize this, and many are hesitant to support an ecommerce business they don’t fully trust or recognize. Printed materials are a great way for your business to move beyond the internet into the real world. Since most online scammers don’t bother advertising through traditional means, people who learn about your company through a mailer, brochure, or business card are apt to trust it more, especially if it includes your company’s contact details.

People Respond to Print

According to the Canada Post Corporation, integrating printed mail into a digital marketing campaign generates 39% more attention than digital marketing alone. Additionally, 86% of Canadian residents open mail that’s addressed to them. This kind of personal engagement is hard to achieve with online marketing strategies designed to reach a broad audience. Targeting your customers as people instead of numbers goes a long way toward making them feel special.

Make Your Printed Ads Unique

Of course, how you approach printed ads makes a big difference to your success. These days, you need to stand out from the crowd to make a lasting impression, so bring in striking designs, colors, and images. Offer coupons and discounts, and use promotional materials people genuinely want to save and share. Instead of sending out dull direct mailers that list the week’s sales with some stock images, send personalized, handwritten mailers that look like invitations to a fancy party. Toss in a coupon, and people are bound to take notice.

Think outside the box, and be bold. The more interesting your printed ads, the more people are going to remember your company’s name.

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