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Lean Marketing: Promote Your Small Business With Coupons You Design Online

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Making your own coupons is a relatively simple and affordable way to market your small business. With basic computer skills, you can easily create your own coupons and distribute them to clients.

Paper Coupons

You can create paper coupons using Paint on Windows or Paintbrush on Macs. These free drawing programs allow you to create digital drawings, or add in pictures and text. To gauge how large your coupon is, set the program to show actual paper size. Then, create a box of the desired size with a dotted border, and make the coupon inside that. When you are done, select the box and copy it. Then, paste as many extra copies as you can on the virtual sheet of paper and print. If everything looks right, you can should make as many copies as you need. You can distribute paper coupons in your shop, hand them out on the street, or mail them to potential clients.

Digital Coupons

If you prefer to distribute savings over the internet, you need digital coupons. You may also create these coupons using Paint or Paintbrush, but rather than printing them, you should save them as JPG or PDF files. Emailing digital coupons to clients is easy with most email services. For example, with Gmail, simply hit the small insert picture button at the bottom of the compose window. Then, you select your coupon from your list of files, and the image appears in the email. If possible, always email the coupon to yourself first to see how it looks. In some cases, you may need to adjust the size of the image to make it look right. If you like, you can also share digital coupons over social media. You just need to upload the coupon as you normally upload an image. For example, on Twitter, hit the camera icon in the tweet box. With digital coupons, you can ask clients to print them out and present them in person. Alternatively, you can let customers show you the coupon on their smartphone screen. If you run an e-commerce business, you can assign a code to each coupon that clients can use when checking out online.

Professional Services

If you decide against making your own coupons, you may want to turn to software or a service that can help you. I’m With Bob, for example, allows you to create professional looking coupons online. You don’t need any tech skills. You simply need to pop the relevant information into the correct fields. Then, you can schedule coupons to appear on your social media accounts. The service has a monthly fee, but you can create an unlimited number of coupons. I’m With Bob offers a free 30-day trial to test out the features. Similarly, the Automated Payment & Recurring Billing AR Platform allows you to generate both coupons and invoices. While the basic version is free, there is a monthly subscription cost if you want access to client relationship management tools and other features.

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