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Promoting Your House Cleaning Business to Stand Out From the Competition

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If you want to operate a Canadian house cleaning business — and succeed doing it — then you need to stand out from the competition. Your marketing efforts, your overall business plan, and your interactions with clients are all key factors in making your business appear a cut above the rest.

Start With a Professional Image

If you come across as “someone who cleans houses,” you have a problem. Take steps to clearly establish a professional image right from the start. These steps might include having professional-looking business cards printed, creating a striking company logo, and launching a company website. If you have a presence on the internet you immediately come across as more professional. A website also expands your market reach and makes it easier for potential clients to find and contact you.

Design every aspect of your business to look professional. Your crew’s uniforms should display your company name and logo, or at minimum, you need a dress code in place. Use invoices rather than just asking for payment, and make sure all your marketing materials and invoices appear professional, with your company logo, phone number, and website and social media information. Keep your company vehicles clean and your cleaning equipment well-maintained. Dirty equipment doesn’t speak well for a cleaning business.

Aggressively Market Your Business

Marketing is a must for your cleaning business Create a solid business marketing plan by carefully considering how to reach your target market. Do research to pinpoint upscale neighborhoods where you are most likely to find regular clients. Once you’ve done that, don’t be shy about going door to door and introducing yourself and your business by handing out company flyers. Identify grocery stores and pharmacies where your potential clients are likely to shop, and ask permission to post company flyers or your business card in those places.

Social media is an increasingly important marketing tool for any business, and you need to use it effectively to make your house cleaning business stand out. Set up social media accounts, and use them to publicize your business. Do you need ideas for social media posts? Link to blog posts on your website, and fill your blog with house cleaning tips that show how your services make life easy for your clients. Promote special offers, such as a spring cleaning discount, on services such as a “Spring Cleaning Discount.” List your house cleaning business with online review sites such as Angie’s List, as well as on websites that list local professional business services. Think about the house cleaning chores no one wants to tackle, such as window cleaning or basement and attic cleaning, and advertise them.

Go the Extra Mile Interacting With Clients

What does a house cleaning business really need to survive? Clients! You need to provide the kind of customer service that helps you establish long-term relationships with regular clients. So what’s the best way to turn a first-time client into a regular? Start with the assumption that they will want your services on a regular basis, and simply ask them when they would like you to come back. Provide professional customer service by personally phoning new clients to thank them for their business and ask for feedback on your crew’s performance.

Have your cleaning crew ask clients to fill out a short follow-up survey to help you identify particular needs or desires of clients, and offer discounts for referrals to new clients. Publish testimonials from satisfied customers on social media on a regular basis.

Creating a strong professional appearance, aggressively marketing across multiple channels, and working actively to create lasting client relationships are all part of propelling your cleaning business to the top.

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