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Using Social Media to Promote Your Special Live Events

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Live events like speakers, special sales, product demos, concerts, and launch parties get people excited about your business. Your edgy social media strategy keeps your fans engaged online. Combine the two and what you get is an audience super pumped about attending your events. With some creative promotion, you might even go viral. Here’s how you can make it happen.

Teasers work really well when it comes to getting your social media fans buzzing about events. You don’t want to overload with event info, but regular social media posts in the weeks before an event keep people interested. Photos and sneak peaks of what’s going to happen at events also get fans excited about saving your dates. Here, you really want to encourage your fans and followers to share those posts to extend your reach. That’s how you go viral.

You might want to think about having Facebook live events to reach people outside your existing fan base. Some food for thought: It’s easy to go overboard with hashtags, but a creative one can make your live event trend before it happens. A well-considered hashtag is a good way to make the articles and other content about your event easy to find. It’s a good idea to use the hashtag in all your social media posts before, during, and after the event and encourage your fans and followers to use it to.

You have a lot to do the day of the event, but don’t forget to post updates online throughout the day leading up to the start time. Add pictures of the setup or the guests as they arrive. Live streaming the event lets everyone participate, even if they can’t make it. You might ask your in-person guests to post about the event on their social media profiles, too. One last thing — consider keeping the online promotion going by giving shout-outs the next day.

Nailing your live event on social media can boost participation and help new customers find you. This simple strategy can increase your sales and make your events a smashing success.

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