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Small Business How-to: Reach Users Seeking Personalized Products and Services

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Today’s consumers seem to think that no matter how unusual the products and services they want, somebody should sell them. And they’re right, to a certain extent. Niche marketing to people with very specific wants and needs truly has been the key to success for many entrepreneurs in the digital age. But before you start knitting a whole bunch of cashmere dog collars, take a look at how to first find and then market to consumers in niche markets.

The first step you take really depends on your skill at online market research. Some business owners use keyword tools first, and there are several out there including Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Long Tail Pro. What they’re looking for are specific keywords that have some, but not tons, of people searching for them. Imagine you’re interested in selling T-shirts to firefighters who love five-alarm chili. You research the competition for keywords like "T-shirts for fire fighters," "fire fighters who love chili," and the like.

Keyword tools show you, with stats, whether or not people online, your potential customers, are also doing web searches on those terms. To find niche consumers, you can also browse retail websites like Amazon, make note of trending products of interest, and read customer comments to gauge what consumers say is lacking in those products.

When you hone in on a personalized product or service a specific group of consumers wants, you can reach them on social media using each company’s target marketing tools. So, if you want to find firefighters who love chili on Facebook, you can use the Facebook Audience Insight Tool to find firefighters who not only love to cook but who also love chili. This is the group that will be most receptive to your ads, a page, or group created to market your T-shirts.

When you set out to sell personalized products and services, you want to look for niches of consumers with unmet needs. Doing the right research can give you a tremendous competitive advantage over your competition.

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