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Improve Your Website’s Visibility in Search Engines With Responsive Design

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Consumers’ smartphones go with them everywhere, and they increasingly use those devices for everything from searching the web to online shopping. Your small business website is key to capturing the attention of those mobile-focused consumers. A responsive design ensures mobile experiences are seamless and satisfying without requiring visitors to constantly pinch or swipe at their screens just to see the content.

When you opt for a responsive design for your website, mobile users get the same experience as people who visit using a computer instead of being directed to a scaled-back mobile version, which can help reduce your bounce rate by keeping people on your site regardless of the device used. With easier navigation and the ability to access all features of your website, you may score more sales via mobile devices.

Your responsive website earns increased visibility because of the design, and it’s related to search engine optimization. Search engines show preference to responsive design websites for SEO purposes. That means your website may rank higher in the search results than the competition simply because you invest in a responsive design. A higher spot in the search results nets you more traffic from mobile users, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

You can also save time and money when you go with a responsive design. Instead of having two versions of your website, the full version and the mobile version, you have a single version that’s easier to maintain. You don’t have to waste the time and money on developing, testing, and maintaining two sites. You can focus on optimizing the single site, and get a consolidated version of analytics for easier evaluation of your visitors’ habits.

Growing your business requires a strong web presence. With an increase in consumers using mobile devices to access the internet, you need a responsive design to keep up, improve SEO, increase visibility, and provide an improved user experience.

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