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Rethink Your Product Packaging to Maximize the Unboxing Experience

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Who doesn’t like presents? Even if you order something for yourself, it feels like a special treat when you finally get it. From the moment they open the box to the discovery of the product inside, each step is part of the customer’s unboxing experience. As more people convert to shopping online, the unboxing experience has become as important to the customer experience as product protection. Product packaging may even be a deciding factor in whether or not the customer returns or recommends your product to others. As a result, successful product makers and distributors spend a lot of time on the unboxing experience. They want to make the experience fun and exciting. The more engaged you are with the design of the box, the better the unboxing experience is for your customer. The end result may be higher sales.

Get Free Marketing By Making Unboxing More Fun

In a recent study of 600 online shoppers, 36.8% said they watched an unboxing video. Customers are using these videos to decide which products to buy. Smart marketers use the unboxing experience to enhance the total customer experience by focusing on the pleasure factor. YouTubers treat unboxing like entertainment. In this way, focusing on the unboxing experience can grow sales with free advertising for you and your brand. You can’t afford to overlook the importance of the unboxing experience. The first step in the process is design.

How to Design an Outstanding Unboxing Experience

A clever unboxing design helps customers remember your brand. Clever product specialists pay attention to symmetry, lines, layering of wraps, ribbons and additional packaging to extend the customer’s hands-on experience. The experience isn’t just about look, but touch and even smell.

The first step in designing a box for your customer is to think about your target. What does your target want to see? Now, think about what to include on or in your box to impress this target customer. Think about each step of the unboxing experience. Put yourself in the mind of your target customer. The first step is receiving the box. The second step is opening the box. The third step is looking at what’s inside the box. Your goal is to optimize each step.

The type of box you need depends on the size of the product. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Mailer boxes are versatile, easy to open and stylish. Shipping boxes are more secure and less expensive. Folding cartons are good for display, but don’t provide good protection.

The type of filler you use also depends on the product and can include Styrofoam, air pillows, foam inserts, bubble wrap and even customized tissue paper. This is a great way to personalize the customer’s experience with a handwritten note or a thank you. Use this step to educate your customers while leaving an outstanding impression. Try telling your story through the unboxing experience. Tell your customers how your product was conceived. You may also want to include free samples. Who doesn’t like free samples?

Presentation Matters

Think about how much better your dinner looks on your best dinner plates compared to paper plates. The online marketplace is competitive. As online shopping becomes more popular, it’s important to ensure your packaging leaves a good first impression. The unboxing experience is part of the product. It can be used to give people a reason to talk about your merchandise or share it with others on social media. The goal is to retain loyal customers and create new ones. Both of these actions can lead to higher sales.

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