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Revamp Your Etsy Product Listings For Increased Traffic And Sales

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The Etsy marketplace is continuously changing. New products appear every day, and customer interests are always evolving. How do successful Etsy sellers stay ahead of the competition? Aside from offering unique and intriguing wares, these small businesses understand how to create effective product listings to attract shoppers and generate sales.

Harness the Power of Pictures

It takes just 50 milliseconds for the average person to form an opinion about a website. Eye-catching, quality photos are the best way to make quick and lasting impressions on shoppers. Browse the marketplace for product images that grab your attention, and make note of the elements that make the photos stand out, such as backgrounds, lighting or interesting angles, and mimic these techniques in your own pictures. Take advantage of all five available image spaces to show unique views and details of your products. Take photography classes or hire a professional if you’re uncomfortable behind the camera.

Understand the Basics of Search Engine Optimization and Keywords

Like many online shoppers, Etsy visitors often use the website’s search feature to find specific products or to browse for gift ideas. Strong, relevant keywords boost the visibility of your products on Etsy, and properly optimized listings also rank higher on major search engines such as Google, which generates additional traffic.

Use keywords and phrases throughout your Etsy listings. Shop owners who follow Google’s best practices for search engine optimization usually see the best results, especially when they choose the right keywords.

Create Effective Tags for Each Listing

Tags provide Etsy shop owners with a simple way to describe and define their products, and Etsy uses these terms to generate search results for shoppers. Each listing includes space for up to 13 tags, and it’s a good idea to use all 13 to maximize your product’s visibility. Choose tags that identify your product based on its colour, material or style, such as “titanium ring” or “blue blanket.” Use a combination of narrow and broad search terms, such as “silver bracelet,” “steampunk jewellery” and “gifts for her,” to put your products in front of a more diverse audience. Always include “handmade” or “vintage” tags if either apply. The selection of vintage and handmade wares on Etsy sets it apart from other online markets.

Write Unique, Search-Friendly Titles for Every Product

The title of your Etsy listing is just as important to your product’s visibility as the tags you include. Search engines use page titles to rank and index product listings, and the title also plays a role in your results on Etsy.

Take advantage of all available character spaces when you’re creating your titles, but pay particularly close attention to the first 66 characters. This is the portion read by most search engines.

The most effective product titles use relevant keywords to describe the listed item concisely. Consider using a variation of popular search terms to make the most impact. For example, “Grey Messenger, Cross Body Satchel, Diaper Bag, Handbag for Mom, School Backpack, Canvas Tote” accurately describes your trendy grey bag to search engines and shoppers.

Add Personality and Keywords to Etsy Descriptions

Product photos, tags and your listing title attract shoppers and boost your item’s visibility. The description portion of your listing serves as your sales pitch, and it gives you the opportunity to relate and connect with potential buyers.

Start with one or two catchy, descriptive sentences that illustrate the benefits of your product. Naturally incorporate keywords throughout the description using Google’s best practices, particularly in the first 160 characters, which makes up the meta tag used by search engines. Mention the features and details that set your product apart from similar listings, provide answers to common consumer questions, and keep a friendly, conversational tone that reflects your brand and personality.

Do Your Research and Your Homework

In a competitive, dynamic marketplace like Etsy, other sellers and shop owners are often the best sources for ideas and inspiration. Regularly visit your competitors’ shops, read their product listings, and look at their reviews to learn about their customers’ likes and dislikes. Compare successful small businesses similar to yours, and make note of their common elements. Monitor the results of your own efforts by checking the performance of your keywords in your shop statistics. Conduct searches for your leading keywords from time to time, and see how well your shop and product listings rank in the result pages.

Review, Revamp, Repeat

Your work is never done when you’re selling on Etsy. Set aside time each week to review your keywords and traffic sources, and use that knowledge to build upon successes or to make needed changes. Swap out low-traffic tags and keywords with new words and phrases, and make over your Etsy listings each season to keep your descriptions fresh and search-friendly.

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