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Finding the Right Opt-In Bonus to Land More Email Subscribers

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Opt-in bonuses are effective because the customer receives something that adds value, such as information that helps solve a problem, knowledge about an area of interest, or inspiration; this gives the customer incentive to become an email subscriber. Providing useful material helps establish your authority and leaves the customer feeling positive about your business.

A Resource Toolkit

Bundle all of your valuable resources together and offer them as a toolkit to attract subscribers. Provide material that helps subscribers solve an immediate problem. For example, if you operate a business that provides information to freelance writers, you could offer a toolkit that consists of an e-book that lists sites paying freelance writers for articles and blog posts, as well as a video that shows subscribers how to use social media to market their freelance business more effectively. Package the toolkit in a .zip file for a single download, making it straightforward for subscribers to access. Alternatively, direct your customers to a landing page where they can access the toolkit.

A Relatable Case Study

Case studies engage customers because people can relate to others in a similar situation or who have the same aspirations. Use a case study to tell inspirational stories about people in your niche who have successfully achieved their goals. Explain how they used the same principles you are teaching to get there. For instance, if you own an accounting practice that targets small businesses, you could provide a case study detailing how a small business owner improved the efficiency of his or her business using cloud accounting software to access real-time information. Give subscribers access to an interview with the small business owner explaining how he or she implemented moving to the cloud. Using celebrities and leaders of industry in case studies helps increase credibility.

An Online Instruction Video

Some people prefer to learn and receive information visually. Use videos that add value to your readers as an incentive to subscribe to your business’ email list. For example, if you operate an independent financial advisory business that teaches clients how to invest, you could offer subscribers a video tutorial series that covers the basics, such as risk management, asset allocation, and portfolio management. Complex ideas are conveyed more easily via video than in written content in many cases. Consider offering streaming live video to deliver time-sensitive information. Make videos accessible to distribute via social media to assist with your online marketing activities; millennials, in particular, like to share content with their friends.

A Design

Offer free design work for subscribing to your email. This allows customers to decide if your work fits their needs. For instance, if you own a small graphic design business, you could provide subscribers with five complimentary logos. If you specialize in website design, offer a free basic e-commerce template. The design adds value to the customer immediately if it solves a problem, such as needing a logo for an app or requiring an online storefront. Free designs encourage your subscribers to check out your other more expensive products and services.

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