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How to Run a Facebook Contest for Your Small Business

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With the widespread social media explosion, promoting your business through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is a great strategy. As of late 2016, Facebook attracts about 1.4 billion users, and digital advertising can help you target your share of potential customers and established clients. The celebrated website offers paid marketing campaigns, but small business users can take advantage of free accounts to drive sales and increase revenue.

Running contests through your Facebook account is a popular method to engage prospects. It is important to be aware of the platform’s legal guidelines when running an online contest. Businesses, operating at their own risk, are responsible for establishing the official rules, offer terms and eligibility requirements, and maintaining compliance with rules and regulations. With that in mind, you can use a number of different formats to energize your sales efforts.

Using Facebook’s Like Button

The most basic Facebook contest involves using the platform’s ever-present “like” button feature. Entrants need to simply like your business’ status post, link, photo, or video to have a chance to win. Giveaways might include a gift certificate for products and services or a promotional item such as a T-shirt or coffee mug. The simple nature of the contest generally draws many participants since entry only requires one click.

You can take it one step further by having entrants like your post and leave a comment. This method accomplishes two things. It creates a buzz around your page while also giving you a chance to gather some valuable feedback regarding your business. Entrants could be asked to comment on what they like about a product offering or service. Along with gaining insight into what works, this method may also give you some advice into how to improve those products or services.

Captions and Photo Contests

A more creative means to running a Facebook contest requires participants to add a caption to a photo you post. The photo might be related to the business or a random picture that allows users to tap their imaginations. Winners can be decided by which caption draws the most “likes” or which description, in your opinion, best fits the photo. You can choose the length of time to run the contest.

Alternatively, you can ask users to add a photo themselves. Photo contests may draw fewer entrants as they require the additional step of posting a picture rather than just clicking the “like” button or commenting. You can ask followers to upload a photo related to the business or a separate theme altogether. As with other contests, you can subjectively choose a winner or award the prize to the photo with the highest number of “likes.”


A great way to engage prospects and customers is to use Facebook followers’ suggestions for determining a website name or approving a new logo. This concept lets you draw from a vast pool of thought capital while instilling a sense of buy-in to clients and prospects. Participants who adopt a sense of belonging also develop a sense of loyalty to your business.

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