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Sending Company Christmas Cards: Adding a Personal Touch for Clients

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If you run a small business, you know what it’s like to compete for clients’ attention on a shoestring budget. One relatively low-cost way to keep your name fresh in your customers’ minds is to send out Christmas cards to your client list every year.

  • It’s a relatively low-cost PR gesture, and it adds a personal touch to your small business’s holiday season outreach efforts.
  • It puts a face (or faces, if your card includes a photo of your staff) to the company’s name and humanizes you to existing and potential clients. This improves retention and may win over a few of the fence-sitters on your prospects list.
  • It’s also an effective morale booster for your own troops, who can feel more like a family when they get their copies of the company Christmas cards to keep at their desks.

Quality Counts

When you send out a company card, it’s not just conveying season’s greetings — you’re also sending out an artifact of your approach to your projects. A slapdash effort that was obviously hurried sends the wrong message, so it’s worth the effort to get it right.

  • Hire a professional photographer, if you plan to send a photo card. Taking a great picture usually calls for professional help. Getting a single good snap in one sitting shouldn’t take too long, and it’s almost never too pricey for a small business’s Christmas budget.
  • Even if you’re sending out a thousand cards, there’s no substitute for a handwritten message. Start in April, if you have to. You could write each card yourself, parcel the work out to the employees with the best penmanship, or hire a professional calligrapher to do the job beautifully.
  • Use a service for design work. Sites like Shutterfly can help non-designers design amazing things. Consider setting up a company account and whipping something up from a template you like.

Christmas is a great time to remind your clients that they’re still on your mind. By sending out nice-looking Christmas cards, you can encourage them to keep your company in mind, too.

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