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Simple Ways to Surprise and Impress Customers by Going Above Expectations

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How can your company stand out from all your competitors? Consumers have more choices than ever for their purchases, so if you look just like every other company, you’re in trouble. Here’s a tip — Stand out with customer service that’s so exceptional that it goes far beyond basic expectations. Don’t worry — Customer service this good doesn’t have to cost a lot or take a huge amount of time.

Exceed expectations by answering inquiries thoroughly. Train your employees to engage customers when they walk in the door. Anticipate their needs, and you’ll convince them to come back. Handle all emails and inquires on your social media accounts promptly. Because so many customers expect to wait hours or even days to hear back, you’ll shake them up when you do this.

Thank your customers regularly so they know you appreciate their business. Customer appreciation gifts are a great option, as are customer appreciation events or special discounts for loyal customers. Include simple hand-written thank you notes or write "Thank you" with your signature on the invoice when you’re shipping items.

Impress your customers with custom-printed boxes, mailers with colorful designs, and colored tissue paper, and make sure everything is packed securely to prevent damage in transit. Popping in a few freebies or samples of other products to tempt customers to order something new next time.

Share useful information to provide value to your customers and to stand out compared to competitors that just sell products and move on. Add a robust blog to your website with information-packed tips, and include video tutorials to teach customers different ways to use your products. Printed materials or demonstrations in your retail location also help.

Customers always appreciate discounts or freebies. Start a birthday program with a freebie or discount each year on the customer’s special day, and consider offering special discounts to email club members. Free upgrades or waived fees also make customers happy.

It’s often the little things that set your company apart. Gauge which perks your customers appreciate most, and continue offering similar options to exceed customer expectations.

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