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YouTube Can Transform Your Small Business Into an Industry Leader

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When you think of online videos, YouTube is probably the first platform that comes to mind. But is it possible to make money from YouTube or build a community that supports your small business? Even if you don’t consider yourself a potential YouTube star or have lots of video experience, you can still create videos that showcase your industry expertise, expand your reach, and ultimately establish your company as an industry leader.

Why YouTube Works for Small Businesses

YouTube is a free, easy to use platform used by a massive amount of people every day. If you’ve watched a handful of YouTube videos, then you know you don’t need to produce big screen-worthy videos to get people to watch your YouTube channel. In fact, many YouTube creators simply use their own smartphones to record videos.

This site gives you a chance to showcase your industry experience quickly and easily. And, with a little creativity, you can share videos that generate attention and help you connect with your target audience.

Sharing your knowledge and information about your products makes people want to come back for more content. Over time, you start to create a community of people, both local and internationally-based, who love your products, videos, and information. As your business videos gain more attention, you organically gain followers on YouTube.

Types of Content to Produce

The content you choose to produce is an important factor in gaining attention on YouTube. The ultimate goal is to establish yourself as an industry leader, so your content should highlight your expertise while sharing useful information about your industry in general and your products specifically. Your videos can hook viewers with the following content types:

  • Demonstrations of how your products work
  • Detailed information about products
  • Troubleshooting tips for your products
  • FAQs about the products
  • Problems that your products solve
  • Tutorials or tips related to your industry, such as hair-styling tips if you own a salon or hair supply store

YouTube also lets you interact with your audience in the comments section, which builds the sense of community and earns loyal fans of your company. Your videos can also include a call to action to engage viewers.

Tips for Creating a Community With YouTube

Creating quality videos is important for building trust, finding loyal fans, and getting subscribers for your small business YouTube channel. Every video should have a specific purpose, such as highlighting products or educating your audience. To keep people coming back for more, post new videos on a regular basis. You don’t have to post every day or even multiple times per week, but you should have a consistent posting schedule. You might post a new video every Monday, so your audience knows to come back at the beginning of the week to see new content.

To strengthen your brand, try incorporating your company’s personality into the videos. Add your company logo to the recording, and shoot the videos in your store or office, if possible. Remember, people are watching and taking note, so always use behavior and language that reflects your company’s values and branding.

Authenticity is also important if you want to build a YouTube community. Your YouTube videos should offer value if you want to use them to grow your business and reach new customers. The ultimate goal of your business YouTube channel is to increase sales and develop loyal customers, but you want to do it in a helpful way that doesn’t seem like a giant commercial or sales pitch.

Leveraging YouTube is an inexpensive way to build a community around your business, even if your viewers come from around the world. Develop quality videos that help your community to establish yourself as an industry leader and encourage people to come back.

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