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Tweeting Tats: Using Social Media to Increase Your Following as a Tattoo Artist

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One in five adults has a tattoo, and among millennials, the number is even higher at 40%. These stats don’t even take into account the number of people thinking about getting a tattoo, and if you want to tap into these massive markets, it may be time to leverage the power of social media. A strong following can help you find new clients, shape your brand, and even nab work as a guest tattoo artist.

Focus on Visual Platforms

To make the most of your efforts, focus on visually oriented platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and SnapChat, or business friendly sites such as Twitter. If you’re new to social media marketing, you may want to focus on one platform at a time, and as you build up a following, expand your presence to other sites. If you’ve got time to spare and you’re up for a challenge, start playing with multiple platforms at once.

Link to Business Email

When you open a social media account, consider linking it to your business email. Most sites can match contacts from your email account to users on the platform, and that makes it easy to find your first few followers from your existing client base.

Post on a Regular Basis

Even before you have a strong following, you should post at least four to seven times per week. That keeps your feed active and creates a backlog of posts for new follower to check out. Share quality photographs of your work including tattoos and drawings. To ensure those images aren’t shared without crediting you, consider using Photoshop or a similar program to overlay your name or logo on all your images. Additionally, you may want to post articles or quotes related to tattoos; focus on content your followers are the most likely to retweet or share with their followers. Think of social media like a pond. You’re throwing in a rock, and you want it to make as many ripples as possible.

Ask Clients to Tweet Their Tats

Satisfied clients can be key at increasing your online circles. Have clients take photos of their tattoos, or offer to take photos for them so you can be assured of the quality. Then, ask them to share the photos on their social media accounts. Ideally, you should have a unique hashtag that customers can post with their photos. These posts can spread the influence of your brand. They also give potential clients a way to easily search for your work on various social media platforms.

Join the Conversation

In addition to generating posts, you also need to join the existing conversation. Find other tattoo artists you like and follow them. Then, respond to their posts so that you are seen by their audiences. To make this strategy effective, don’t just post comments such as “check out my page.” Instead, share thoughts or images that contribute interesting points to the original post.

Don’t Forget Your Profile

Finally, when setting up your page, don’t forget to fill out your profile. You should include your name, the name of your tattoo shop, your hashtag, and contact information. This information ensures people can reach you so you never miss out on an opportunity.

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