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Deciding How Often to Post on Social Media

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How often should you post on social media? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a one-size-fits-all answer? But there’s no single answer. Your ideal posting frequency depends on your target audience, your chosen platform(s), your business objectives, and the availability of resources. As an example, posting 10 to 15 times a day throughout the day on Twitter might work well for one business, while one carefully composed Facebook post every other day might work best for another.

Take time to evaluate your social media strategy. Do you want to drive purchases, create customer engagement, build an online community, or achieve a combination of all three? How many hours a day or week can you commit to social media? Plan to spend 20 percent of your social media time posting and the remaining 80 percent of time monitoring and responding to comments and feedback.

Get to know your social media followers. Facebook’s Insights show you when your fans are most active online. Twitter’s Impressions feature reveals how many people read each of your tweets, so you can identify patterns and trends. Both platforms include demographic data about your followers to help tailor your posts. To help your Facebook posts stand out from the crowd and prevent your tweets from disappearing downstream, make each post relevant to your audience, use eye-catching images, add hashtags to tweets, and post at appropriate times.

Develop a social media calendar to keep organized and be consistent. If you commit to posting your "tip of the day" or "offer of the week" at a regular time, you must meet your followers’ expectations. Schedule posts for the weekend when your clients or customers have more time to relax and read their social media. Scheduling posts to catch early morning commuters is another way to reach more customers.

Instead of worrying about how often to post on social media, focus on delivering quality rather than quantity, being consistent in your approach, and regularly interacting with your followers to promote and nurture a loyal customer base.

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