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Online Content Strategies to Generate and Nurture Leads for Realtors

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The internet has long since replaced the telephone book and other offline information sources as the primary search vehicle for finding any product, including a new home. Prospective homebuyers use online searches to help them find a new home, and that includes connecting with a realtor. Starting a new small business as a real estate agent, you can quickly attract new clients, build customer relationships, and generate commissions by establishing a high-profile online presence designed to generate and nurture leads. Real estate sales are rarely made on the first contact. They commonly occur only after a shopping process that takes some length of time, often weeks or even months. A wisely designed, effective marketing campaign for a real estate agent focuses primarily on engaging prospective clients to establish a trusting relationship that will hopefully result in an eventual home purchase that leaves all parties happy with the deal, and sets the stage for possible future business. Successful real estate marketing campaigns include a professional-looking website, lead generation strategies, and careful nurturing of leads. One of the most effective marketing tools for realtors is content marketing, which can be used to draw traffic to your website, engage clients, build your brand identity, and ultimately help close sales. Here are three tips for effectively using content marketing to make your real estate business a success.

Create Visual Marketing

Approximately 75% of all businesses report they see a higher return on investment (ROI) from video marketing than from any other marketing effort. The benefit of using video is more pronounced with prospective clients who naturally want to see photos and videos of available homes. It’s well worth the expense to hire a professional photographer/videographer to create beautiful and compelling photos and video tours of available homes. Having an abundance of such videos on your website conveys the impression that you have a wide variety of homes for buyers to consider. Making it easy for clients to browse properties with video tours engages them and keeps them on your website, while developing an increasing affinity for you and your firm. You can also produce videos that offer reviews of various neighborhoods or communities, that answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) of homebuyers or sellers, and that highlight your firm. As a professional, it’s essential to establish trust with clients. Don’t neglect to post a video resume in which you introduce yourself and your special talents as a realtor and mention professional certifications and notable achievements.

Write a Professional Blog

Regularly publishing content online through a blog on your website is one of the best means of generating and nurturing leads. As opposed to content published elsewhere, material you produce for your blog draws visitors right to your website and enables you to increasingly engage them as they return to view new posts. As with videos, there is a wealth of potential subjects that a realtor can write about in a company blog. You may want to incorporate “success stories,” recounting the experiences of satisfied existing clients, either happy sellers or happy new homeowners. Testimonials and glowing reviews of your resourcefulness and helpfulness as a realtor, from previous or existing clients, are some of the most powerful marketing tools. Prospective clients want to feel reassured that you will be able to help them find exactly what they want. For homebuyers, it’s the perfect home at the best possible price; for sellers, it’s a quick sale of their property at, or above, their asking price. Even if you have a separate section of your website dedicated to testimonials and reviews, it’s still a good idea to include such material in your blog periodically, perhaps on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. If you’re gifted with a good sense of humor, try to work it into your blog posts. Being entertaining as well as informative might be just the edge that makes you stand out from the crowd and draws clients in your direction.

Leverage Social Media

You don’t want to neglect the free advertising outlet that social media sites offer. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are all excellent spots to publish information about new listings. Consider posting new blog entries multiple times on your social media outlets, keeping in mind that not all of your followers or potential new followers are online and browsing their social media accounts at the same time of day. Social media management tools such as SproutSocial or Buffer can help you identify optimal days and times of the day to post new material to social media, and automate your posts. Questions and answers are also good material to post to social media, as they offer an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and to enhance your online image as a trusted professional. Content marketing is one of the best possible tools for realtors to use in cultivating clients. It offers the opportunity to continually communicate helpful information without the appearance of just continual advertising.

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