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Three Video Editing Software Options for Small Business Vlogs

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Vlogging is an effective way to increase the brand awareness of your small business. Sometimes a smartphone is all you need to create vlogs, but to really make them shine, you may need to do a little bit more.

Editing Your Vlogs Makes Them More Effective

When it comes to videos, editing is a big deal. Without it, your videos can be bland and boring, particularly when you’re just getting into vlogging. Editing to remove stutters and dead air from your vlogs retains viewer engagement and shortens the overall presentation. You can also edit your vlogs to include your brand and contact information in the intro or outro so that your audience can connect with you easily. Additional information designed to make an impact with the content of the vlog, such as charts and graphs, are also added at the editing stage.

Choose Video Editing Software Based on Your Needs

The key to choosing the right video editing software is understanding your specific needs. Don’t get distracted by the bells and whistles some of these software programs offer that may sound amazing, but you would never realistically utilize. Another factor to consider is your budget. Video editing software can cost up to a few thousand dollars. The low-end or free versions typically contain all the basic features, while the high-end software programs have additional features such as noise reduction and 3D video creation.

Apple iMovie

If you have a Mac computer, it already comes with the Apple iMovie video editing app. This app supports most common video formats, including videos captured on your smartphone, GoPro camera, or even a 4K device. Apple iMovie supports up to two video tracks, and its drag-and-drop editing feature allows you to move video clips around the timeline easily. You can cut and trim your video, or change the speed of a section of it, with just a few clicks. This app also comes with some nifty transitions and filters designed to make your vlogs more interesting. The Apple iMovie app can integrate with other Mac apps, including iTunes and GarageBand, so that you can add audio and voiceover to your vlogs.

Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is available for both Mac and PC. It has an easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for vlog beginners. This video editing software offers all the basic editing features you need to edit your videos. For example, you can crop, trim, split, and merge video clips. You can also import photos and video clips from your social media accounts and include them in your vlogs. Filmora Video Editor has a built-in screen recorder that allows you to record your computer or mobile device screen. This feature is great if you want to teach your audience how to do something on a computer. For example, you can show your audience how to use a certain app by recording the steps.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a more advanced video editing software program for PC. Besides the basic editing functions, this software also supports multiple camera footage editing. You can work with video clips from two cameras at the same time to produce more dynamic vlogs. If you want to have some fun with your vlogs, you can create stop-motion animation with Pinnacle Studio or add some special effects from its extensive effect library. With the growing popularity of video marketing, it is important for you to get on the bandwagon early. For maximum exposure, consider sharing your vlogs on social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube.

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