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Marketing to the Bereaved: Tips for Gravesite Caretakers and Florists

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Gravesite caretakers and florists place flowers and memorials on graves when loved ones are not able to do so. If you are thinking about starting a gravesite caretaking business or a company that brings flowers or wreaths to graves, you need to be innovative about finding clients and marketing. It’s also important to strike the right tone when approaching the bereaved.

Partner With Local Businesses

To get exposure for your business, consider partnering with local businesses such as graveyards, funeral homes, and florists with brick-and-mortar locations. In many cases, consumers may not even know these types of services are available, and these professionals can let them know. For instance, a cemetery may tell all customers who buy plots about your services. To illustrate another way these partnerships can work, imagine this scenario:A woman buys flowers from a florist year after year for her late husband’s grave. One year, she tells the florist she’s moving away and can’t continue putting flowers by the grave. At this point, the florist mentions your services, and the relieved women arranges to have you take care of floral bouquets for her husband’s grave moving forward.

Develop a Web Presence

Consumers who know about gravesite caretakers and cemetery florists are likely to look for you on the internet, and you need a web presence so they can find you. Ideally, you should have a website with your contact details and list of services and prices. If there is a lot of competition in this niche in your area, you might also want to add a blog. Writing about gravesite and florist services on your website (even if it’s just fresh content of photos of your work with descriptions) adds keywords and phrases to your site, and that can help to increase your ranking on search engine results. You may also want to set up social media pages. If clients follow you, you can post interesting floral arrangements, tips for graveside caretaking, or even articles on grieving. As your followers like, favorite, retweet, or pin your posts, that gets your business more exposure which should ultimately lead to more business.

Use Photos and Videos

Your services may include designing floral arrangements, cleaning off headstones, lying grave blankets, and similar services. In most cases, with these types of services, you end up taking care of graves for people who live in other areas or who can’t get to the cemetery or columbarium on a regular basis. Consider adding value to your services with photography. In particular, many gravesite caretakers and florists email digital before and after photos of the graves to clients. That shows clients what they are paying for, and if they opt to share those photos over social media or show them to friends, you get some free online advertising or word-of-mouth exposure. You may even want to create a 360-degree video of a cemetery so your clients can get the whole view of the area around their loved ones’ memorials. In addition to the above ideas, you may also want to do some traditional marketing such as putting ads in church bulletins or local newspapers and hanging signs in nursing homes. In all cases, whether you’re developing a website or making a poster to advertise your business, keep the tone professional and respectful. Also, integrate visual elements so people can see what you do.

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