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Top Marketing Trends for 2017

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Marketing trends come and go, but some of the best strategies for selling your brand stand the test of time. In the age of the app and social media, marketing trends for 2017 lean heavily toward the digital space. On that note, it’s vital that you utilize the marketing strategies best suited to your small business in terms of cost and needs. There are a number of marketing trends slated to gain popularity as the year continues.

The Year of the Influencer

One marketing trend that is quickly becoming popular for 2017 is the use of influencers, who are essentially any trending and notable public figures. Clearly, celebrities, political figures, and industry leaders have been used in marketing campaigns since the beginning of advertising. One notable difference for 2017 is the sheer number of new and talented influencers on the market, compliments of platforms such as YouTube and other viral and streaming outlets. It’s safe to say that you should be able to find an influencer to match your target audience and budget. Connect with the influencer on social media, and leverage that connection to draw new business your way.

A Focus on Customer Experience

While nearly all businesses regularly aim to provide customers with the best experience possible, this year, marketing campaigns are placing added emphasis on the lengths they’ll go to provide their clientele with a quality experience. One crucial part of the marketing trend is backing up what you’re selling. If you choose this marketing strategy, be certain you have the necessary tools and personnel to offer customers the type of experience you’re advertising.

Quality Video Content

One of the best marketing tools your small business can utilize is original, quality content sharing. Social media and other outlets offer you an essentially free platform to share the unique and authentic blogs, papers, e-books, reviews, and videos you create. The focus for 2017 is being placed heavily on video content and other visuals. Consider stepping up your video content, or start making videos if you haven’t already done so. Customers like to have a visual interaction with you and your company, and videos are a popular way to engage with them and cultivate valuable customer relationships.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing has been a staple for small businesses for decades, and the trend continues in 2017. Your small business has likely seen a great deal of success using customers you’ve already met to reach potential clients who may not know about your company or might be hesitant to patronize a company they’ve never interacted with before. The popularity and extended reach of social media can work in your favor in terms of spreading the word about your business. Encourage your customers, specifically regular customers but also first-timers who’ve had a positive experience, to use social media to tell their friends, family, and co-workers about their experiences doing business with you. This can potentially open the door to new and formerly unreachable contacts and help create a surge in patrons. Consider 2017’s new and trending marketing strategies, and find one, or a combination of several, that you can utilize to increase your company’s revenues.

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