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Use Content Moments in Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

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Content moments encompass the eight ways by which people interact with content online. They make your marketing more effective by helping you connect with your readers on an emotional level. The theory is that emotions are the fundamental driver of consumer decisions. Some of the factors that determine a content moment are your users’ motivation prior to seeing your content, the emotions felt while the content was consumed, outcomes from that experience, and the topic of your content. Seek to have a mix of content types to attract different customers. Keep each piece of content consistent in terms of its content moment. This concept comes from research that AOL performed globally. This research project examined more than 55,000 interactions with online content across the globe was to classify the eight universal content moments and the type of content that is most effective for each moment.

Entertain Moment

Canadians spend most of their online time looking for entertainment. These visitors want to take a mental break from their normal routine. They are interested in humorous or light content. Include some fun content alongside your more serious posts to appeal to this market segment. You can create these moments with videos, interactive games, listicles, and short blog posts, all of which are particularly effective as entertainment.

Inspire Moment

The inspire moment connects with people looking for new ideas or perspectives. These readers are open-minded and want to be challenged on their way of thinking. The most effective content types for inspire moments are slideshows, listicles, and longer blog posts. Create these moments by focusing on new ideas in your industry, cutting-edge technologies that may lead to future disruption, and lessons from running your business.

Be in the Know Moment

This content moment is for readers who want to catch up on all relevant news. These readers often tend to be your most consistent visitors, and they appreciate short posts containing important information, articles, and links, as well as social media posts. Make these readers feel caught up on any new developments in your business or industry. Creating regular content for this audience can result in steady traffic to your web page.

Find Moment

The find moment addresses the part of your audience motivated to answer a specific question. These readers often find your web page through a search engine following a specific query. Target them with search engine optimized keywords, and craft substantive articles to answer their questions. The best content types for this moment are a product page, informative articles, and blog posts. Since these visitors are looking for something specific, you have an opportunity to sell them your product if it fits their needs.

Comfort Moment

The Comfort moment connects to people who are looking for support. Their motivation is to find content that validates their identity and place in the world. Effective content types include articles, blog posts, and long videos. You can create comfort moments by sharing stories about you, your customers, and your business that reveal emotions and personal details needed to form a personal connection with the reader.

Connect Moment

The connect moment speaks to people who want to feel like part of a community. Appeal to this audience by creating content that leads to discussions on social media or in the comments section. You can even create real-world meetups or events if your audience is big enough. Another approach that creates a connect moment involves using content that calls back to previous posts. This makes longtime readers feel rewarded while encouraging newer readers to catch up on older posts. Good content types for this format are blog posts, videos, and listicles.

Feel Good Moment

Feel good moments are for readers who want to uplift their mood and feel good about the world. Use social media posts, slideshows, and short videos to reach this audience effectively. Craft content that highlights your philanthropic efforts, discusses the positive impact of your business, and lets your readers get to know your employees.

Update Socially Moment

The social update moment reaches people who want to take a mental break while getting caught up on relaxing information. The most effective content types for this audience are social media posts and slideshows, as well as videos of any length. Create this moment with content that discusses news items that are lighter in tone and subject matter or that inform people in an entertaining way. This content moment should avoid anything negative or stressful.

Using Content Moments

Content moments can help you engage with your audience by cultivating a specific emotional tone. Connecting with your readers’ emotions increases your chances of converting their visits into sales. A mix of different moments results in more effective content marketing, which in turn grows your audience. You don’t have to use every type of content moment. Some may not be appropriate for your goals. Instead, focus on keeping the tone consistent within your content, and create content that’s appropriate for the type of content moments that work for your business.

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