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What is Viral Marketing?

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Viral marketing is a practice of using social networks to promote products, offering people something to capture their interest, such as a game or a song, that they can share with others. Most viral marketing campaigns rely on social media shares to be successful, but email, online forums, and video-sharing sites can be effective platforms for viral marketing campaigns. Viral marketing is appealing because it’s a lean marketing method. Craft a highly engaging marketing method and include a valuable offer or shareable content. A hilarious animated GIF, a free version of an addictive game, or an instructional video that makes a difficult task look simple are examples of shareable content. If you sell chefs knives, for example, a video showing an incredibly easy way to fillet a fish could get thousands of views and shares quickly, giving your brand and your products significant exposure. Viral marketing campaigns need to be highly targeted to be successful. You should conduct market research and identify your target market. You can use market data to craft a marketing message that your target market will seize upon and share. Viral marketing is an inexpensive way to get your brand recognized. Honing your target market ensures your viral marketing message has maximum impact.

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